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Here we get to know our Members and learn about how they got started, how life has changed and other interesting facts.

Today we are introducing the Crofts Family. Sarah and her 12-year-old daughter live their worldschooling adventures traveling in a campervan and on their narrowboat in the UK. Sarah dreamed of creating a better connection with her daughter by traveling the world!



Introduce your family!

We are a very small family, just me – Sarah aged 52 – and my daughter – Tabitha aged 12. We live part of the year on our narrowboat – Midnight Blue (aka eMBy) aged 21- moored on the Oxford South canal in the UK, the remainder of the year we live and travel in our campervan – Eileen aged 23.


Worldschooling Central - The Crofts Family

Exploring the Croatian Coastline


What was life like before Worldschooling?

Hectic! I worked 50+ hours per week plus a daily commute of 2+ hours in a stressful job. My daughter was happy in her local primary school and had a full schedule of extracurricular activities. We had a Swedish au pair. We were always busy doing ‘things’ and we had a lot of ‘stuff’. We lived in a lovely suburb of London and had fabulous friends and we spent a LOT of money. But I was always just a little bit outside of the norm even then – I was known as the Corporate Hippy! I had the campervan, we escaped most weekends either to festivals or with friends or just camping on our own. I always had the ‘drop out dream’ on my mind.


When and how did you first hear about Worldschooling?

Tricky, I would imagine it was around 2013 when I first started planning our first extended road trip. I had already been immersing myself in free range kids and unschooling as concepts and Worldschooling followed on from there. The old adage of surrounding yourself with people, places, and situations already doing what you aspire to do has always been my great ethos. The best place to do this consistently is online in social media channels and blogs.


Worldschooling Central - The Crofts Family

Giverny, Monet’s garden where he painted his famous Water Lilies. A few days later we saw the original canvases in Paris.


Before you started, what worried you about Worldschooling? And how has that turned out?

In all honesty, nothing worried me at all. I was absolutely sure it was going be the most amazing experience, and it was but not as immediately as I anticipated. Our first month on the road was intense and sometimes hellish, turned out we both had vastly different expectations on quite a few levels! I could actually write several chapters of a book on this particular topic! I thought we had had all the right conversations and we were on the same page, apparently, we weren’t listening to each other too well, however. We had to learn how to be together 24×7, we had to learn how to live in a very small space, we had to learn how to process new environments, languages, rules, and regulations. Mostly we had to learn how to communicate much more effectively. My advice would be to plan a soft landing, don’t make anything too hard to start with. Give yourselves ample time to adjust. Keep going, push through any tough times in the first few days because before you know it you will be flying and absolutely rocking it!


How has life changed since you began Worldschooling?

Before was hectic, stressed, shallow and exhausting. After is busy, exciting, deeply connected, full of wonder, optimistic, adventurous and exhausting!


Worldschooling Central - The Crofts Family

Exploring the Moroccan wilderness


What have been some unexpected benefits of Worldschooling?

I wanted a deeper connection with my daughter – I never imagined how deep that would be but I am truly grateful for it. We are a lone parent family, my daughter has sporadic contact with her dad. One thing I never anticipated or expected was the number of good families and great male role models she would come across. It’s a bittersweet thing as it makes us both more aware of what we/she don’t have but the good outweighs the bad in this case. My daughter has seen and been included in some great family units, she has met fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, she has witnessed how other women mother and she has picked up a few travel sisters and brothers along the way too! Not only an amazing window into how families can be and how differently they function but across different cultures too. Who knew!



Could you share your monthly travel budget?

Our projected travel budget was pretty generous at approx £50/$USD70/$AUD90 per day, coming in around £1,400/$USD1,900/$AUD2,500 per month, that included all the vehicle costs as well of course.


Worldschooling Central - The Crofts Family

From the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert – many kilometers and a whole other continent!


How do you fund your travels?

Initially through savings, now I am working on building various skills including web design, travel blogging support, social media marketing, content creation/management as well as affiliate marketing. If you would like any help, advice or guidance on these topics please feel free to contact me via my blog page


How do you choose your destinations?

If I can drive my camper there then we can go! If I can navigate a waterway for my narrowboat to go along then we can go!


How long do you stay in one location and why?

This is so subjective for me as our whole life is in my camper or my boat – so we literally decide when we arrive. The only other factor would be a visa restriction – in Morocco, for example, we only had 90 days.


Worldschooling Central - The Crofts Family

Nine months on the road, Chefchaouen The Blue City, Morocco


What does a typical Worldschooling day or week look like for you?

It could be a day of local interest, visiting museums or hiking to a particular place. It might be a day on the beach or a cycle ride to the local shops for supplies. Or it could be a duvet day spending time online watching movies or YouTube or doing some educational activities. Every day is different!


What has been the hardest part of Worldschooling & Traveling? How did you handle it?

It can be intense – only two of us in a very small space. Sometimes we are just too much in each other’s spaces. On those days it’s important that we get out, get some exercise and clear our heads. Sickness, being poorly is hard on the road too. I think we are lucky that we have our house with us – so we can hunker down and let ourselves recover.



What are your Top 5 Travel Products?

  • Laptop Battery Packs
  • Mobile wifi/broadband unit
  • Camera
  • Kindle

Haha, can you tell we like to stay connected! Basically, this kit is essential to my being able to route plan and work, for us both make and keep connections and also to help us relax too!


What Tech Gear do you travel with?

I have iPad, MacBook, DSLR, Go-Pro, iPhone, gimbal, kindle, headphones My daughter has iPad, camcorder, iPhone, Kindle and headphones. In the camper I also have a wifi booster kit plus a portable wifi unit. On the boat, I have mobile broadband and Apple TV. We use these for schooling, working and relaxing.


Worldschooling Spotlight - The Crofts Family

Finding her way in the world.


What are your favorite booking sites and why?

We don’t really use booking sites on the whole. When traveling by plane I use Skyscanner and I use HostelWorld,, and Airbnb for accommodation.



As a Worldschooling Family, if you could step back in time, what is one thing you would do differently?

Think more carefully about how to support our travel intentions in a more extended way – originally we were only going for a year!


Worldschooling Central - The Crofts Family

Visiting an Italian Olive Grove


What would you tell someone who is considering Worldschooling?

Do it! Do it to your own specification though. Don’t get overwhelmed and consumed by specific concepts such as unschooling or curriculum driven schooling etc. Work out what suits you and be confident in forging your own path.


What are you working on at the moment?

Well, I have a lot of things I am working on that aren’t quite ready to launch as yet. However, please follow me on social media and you will be the first to know of new developments. You will also find some free e-guide resources you can download 🙂


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