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June 15, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Worldschooling Spotlight

Here we get to know our Members and learn about how they got started, how life has changed and other interesting facts.

Today we are introducing Rachael Cabrales and her family. Otherwise known as the TravelKatzFamily, Rachael and her family first heard of worldschooling in 2013, and their adventures have taken them all over the world! Their latest adventure, hiking the Appalachian trail in the US!


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Introduce your family!

I am a widowed mom of 3 children ages 22, 14, and 9. My daughter has moved out and is working full time while preparing to finish college, so it’s just my boys and I at home now.

What was life like before Worldschooling?

Life before worldschooling was pretty average. The kids went to public school and we had more of a schedule in our daily lives. Life wasn’t necessarily bad but life was a bit less exciting to be honest. We have experienced so much more travel, adventure, and freedom since worldschooling.


When and how did you first hear about Worldschooling?

I first heard about worldschooling back in 2013. I was searching on YouTube about families traveling together and came upon a video about it.


Before you started, what worried you about Worldschooling? And how has that turned out?

I really wasn’t too worried about worldschooling in the beginning. I did, however, worry a bit later when my youngest seemed behind in mainstream schooling. I finally realized that schooling is not a race and that he was still learning a great deal even if not sitting in a classroom, and could easily catch up later on.


How has life changed since you began Worldschooling?

We have more freedom as a family. We school on our own schedule which makes it nice while traveling.


What have been some unexpected benefits of Worldschooling?

My children have been able to experience and learn about different countries and cultures without the pressures of sitting in a mainstream classroom.


Meeting the locals in Australia



Could you share your monthly travel budget?

Our budget was between $1500-$2000USD/mth, which covered everything… accommodation, food, flights and entertainment.


How do you fund your travels?

I receive a monthly benefit due to my husbands’ death. When we traveled some of the world, that is how we funded our travels. Now my two sons and I are currently thru-hiking the

Appalachian Trail and it is the same.



Hiking the Appalachian Trail



How do you choose your destinations?

When we traveled overseas we chose somewhere inexpensive and what we knew we could afford with the fixed income we have. We would choose an affordable base country and then do some traveling outside of that country. We also went on websites that gave the opportunity to house and pet sit in exchange for a free place to stay. That came in handy in the more expensive countries such as our 3-month stay in Australia.


How long do you stay in one location and why?

We choose to mainly travel slowly and we never really have things set in stone. It’s more affordable for us to take our time if need be while traveling. The length of stay in a country really just depended on the circumstances. Unless a border run, it was best to stay in a country for a longer period of time. Much better on our budget!


What does a typical Worldschooling day or week look like for you?

Currently, my kids and I are hiking the Appalachian trail in the USA. The majority of our days consist of hiking, but the kids learn about the history of the trail, history of a particular area on the trail, and learn a lot about nature.


What has been the hardest part of Worldschooling & Traveling? How did you handle it?

I think the hardest part for me has been the judgments we get because my kids are not in mainstream schooling. Most people are understanding, but there are some people who don’t understand. We just don’t let it affect our lives.




What are your Top 5 Travel Products?

While on the Appalachian trail my top items would have to be a good sturdy backpack, a few sets of hiking clothes, my cell phone for emergencies and vlogging, food to last us for 5 days till the next resupply, and a water filtration device so as the kids and I gather water along the trail, it can be cleaned.


What Tech Gear do you travel with?

I travel with my iPhone 7plus for all of our communication needs. My older son has a phone he uses when there is WiFi available. We use my phone to communicate with friends and family as well as to take pictures and vlog with.


What are your favorite booking sites and why?

When I travel I like to go to I find the best rates on that site.


Taking a break on the Appalachian Trail



As a Worldschooling Family, if you could step back in time, what is one thing you would do differently?

For myself, I would have incorporated more math and writing with worldschooling. For writing, I would have had my kids write in a journal about their travels to not only write memories from their own perspective but to keep up with their handwriting skills.


What would you tell someone who is considering Worldschooling?

Just to do research on it and to get involved with other worldschooling families for support.


What are you working on at the moment?

We are currently hiking and vlogging our Appalachian trail journey on YouTube. The full Appalachian trail is an epic hike of 2190 miles across 14 different states in the US. We began this adventure in Georgia on the 5th May, so we’ve been hiking for 9 weeks at this point, vlogging about our adventures each day! You can find us and follow our adventures at TravelKatzFamily.


Where Can We Find You?

Facebook – TravelKatzFamily

YouTube – TravelKatzFamily


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