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Here we get to know our Members and learn about how they got started, how life has changed and other interesting facts.

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Introduce your family!

We are a family of many with mom, four big boys and one little girl, all born in various locations around the world. Kate (mom) is from England and grew up around Europe before arriving in the US at age 17. Sam (30) was born in Texas, Jacob (28) in England, Benjamin (22) in Hawaii, Maxwell (15) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Charlotte (12) is our southern belle born in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We have been living and traveling around the world, as evidenced by the children’s varying birthplaces, and have been fortunate to live in many great locations. Kate is a professor in education working for a couple of universities plus doing some consulting and is extremely lucky to be able to do most of her work online thus freeing up travel time. The kids are/were all world schooled and again this is great as it gives us freedom plus allows us to incorporate our love of travel into our learning experiences. We love traveling but prefer slower travels and renting houses or apartments so we can get to know neighborhoods, grocery stores and live like locals. We are expats/global-digital nomads/travelers/third culture kids and adults/world schoolers/unschoolers….Labels don’t fit us well!



What was life like before Worldschooling?

We had moved from England to Hawaii about 25 years ago and that is where we discovered the idea of homeschooling (so kind of the start of the journey but we’d always traveled). My oldest went to kindergarten in Hawaii and it was terrible because he’d taught himself to read and was working on that and math skills at about the 3rd-4th grade level (we did very little and that was simply him and his innate push). Hawaiian schools could not accommodate him or do any additional programs until grade 3 and so the Director of Gifted Education for the state asked if we had heard of homeschooling and gave us links to a burgeoning new group. We met up and I discovered books by John Holt and the magazine Growing Without Schooling and we never looked back. Amazing to find our comfort zone.


When and how did you first hear about Worldschooling?

I think it was about three years ago that I first saw the term and thought “that’s us!” A little like the term attachment parenting; we’d been doing this for years without a name to it.


Before you started, what worried you about Worldschooling? And how has that turned out?

Gosh it’s been so long that I don’t really have any worries. We’ve just always lived and traveled and learned as a family. Learning to trust the process and let go of controlling things has taken a while. Trust in your children to learn even if they don’t openly seem to be doing anything remotely “educational.”


How has life changed since you began Worldschooling?

We only had one year of kindergarten and that was a long time ago! There is no before and after really as my entire life has been spent traveling and once I had kids they just went along. I think the before may have been when I thought I needed to buy into the system (kindergarten) and send my lovely attachment parented child off to be enjoyed by others for the day. After I was freed from that push, it was so joyful to be around them all day in and day out. Relaxing not to have to meet other people’s standards or get up and out of the door every day. We have a lot of PJ days!


What have been some unexpected benefits of Worldschooling?

I think the quality of my children’s relationships within the family is enhanced. One of my older YA sons is traveling with us now in Europe and seeing how he interacts with the two younger ones still living full time at “home” is amazing. I love how close they are and how they will all take the time for family. We drop everything to be with each other — around the world!



The Green Family travel the world with their beautiful dog in tow.



Could you share your monthly travel budget?

It’s hard to say as it’s so variable. I currently have two houses in the US with one rented out fully and another that we house swap with and use as a home base occasionally. So I pay for that place but it makes money in house swaps. I’d say we travel somewhere between $2,000 – $5,000 per month depending on how many are with me, where we are, and if the accommodation is swapped or not.


How do you fund your travels?

I am a professor in education and psychology and I teach all my courses online. I’ve been doing this since 2003.


How do you choose your destinations?

Really just depends but something will be an anchor or spot that we either fell into or it’s a conference type thing. So if I find an amazing house swap then we may build more countries that are nearby around that. Or we find a cheap’ish home base and then use discount airlines to travel around from there.

We lived in the UAE twice (I got f2f jobs for 5 years total) and we traveled a lot to S.E Asia from there. We are currently in Europe and had focused our house swaps for anywhere in the continent. We have been in Andalusia for 3 months and now heading to Brittany, UK, Slovenia, Holland and then in October will go to a family worldschool summit in Thailand. In 2019 we are spending two months on a horse farm in Wales as my daughter is an avid horse rider. So we often try to base it around interests. Hoping to be in Japan for a month as my son is taking language lessons there. Sorry this is scattered but it’s just so variable. Interests. Costs. Availability. Oh and a huge one for me — weather. I don’t do cold!


How long do you stay in one location and why?

Again it depends. We like to immerse ourselves in a location somewhat and then use that as a base to explore. Three months is often a good amount for us. Then we will intersperse short bursts from there or between. We’ve been in Andalusia in a gorgeous 300-year-old house in a white village since March. From here we did a house swap for a week to Seville and also jumped on the ferry and traveled Morocco for a week. It’s been great. We leave this week and will spend 3 days driving to Paris (6 days) and then onto Brittany for a few weeks. We usually get tired of fast travel pretty quickly.


What does a typical Worldschooling day or week look like for you?

The joy of this life is that each day can bring something different. But we like to do a couple of trips/excursions a week and then have a few days a week that are homebound. We lean toward introvert/bookworms and of course with my work then I need some focused time.


What has been the hardest part of Worldschooling & Traveling? How did you handle it?

Family life is exactly this. Not always glam but worldschooling is basically just family. We are a big and growing group (5-year-old grandson and a daughter in law who travel with us often now) and so normal ups and downs. I think the hardest is saying goodbye to any of them. It breaks my heart each time but then the joy of seeing them go off and explore the world is worth it.




What are your Top 5 Travel Products?

A corkscrew! A sharp knife for the kitchen. Computer. And I travel with some essential oils as those help us stay well. Kindles and iPads as we have to read (I break out into hives if I don’t have access to books:) But really there isn’t much that are must-haves.


What Tech Gear do you travel with?

iPad, MacBook Pro, phones. We were all iPhones and local sims until I started with Google fi and so now I have a Motorola as the main phone. I am enjoying not having to change sim cards in each country — so far so good. 15 year old has his laptop for gaming. Multiple chargers and plug adaptors. I swear adaptors seem to multiply when we don’t need them and disappear when we do (so we buy another of course)!


What are your favorite booking sites and why?

I use Skyscanner and Kayak for flights mostly and then I go to the individual airlines that come up. I compare which is the cheapest option. If I know which budget airlines are close to us I often just look there. I use for short term as I like the free nights. We also use Airbnb a good bit. My house swaps are from lovehomeswap, homexchange, and worldschooler exchange.



As a Worldschooling Family, if you could step back in time, what is one thing you would do differently?

We travel with our beagle who is about 30 pounds. I love him dearly but I would probably have got a smaller dog that was easier to transport than he is. An under-the-seat dog would be much easier. Nothing else really.


What would you tell someone who is considering Worldschooling?

Just do it. Don’t ponder if it’s the right time or the children’s ages are right. If you can get out there with your children then it’s always the right time. Enjoy being with them every day. They grow up far too fast and having 2 days out of 7 is never enough if you are sending them away to school! I wanted all 7 days, 365 days a year and I have never regretted that.


What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a book with a fellow Worldschooler. We will be portraying family stories of worldschoolers in both their written story and photos. We are interested in jumping off stories. What caused you to jump into it and why this? How do you manage it workwise, financially, and emotionally? What does your daily life look like? And more. As a photographer (Julie) and social scientist (Kate) we too are fascinated by other people and their lives so we are planning to create a book that captures these stories; both in written pieces and photography. Much the same information portrayed in this piece☺ Our goals is to showcase a diverse range of families so if you would be interested in participating please email Kate and Julie at: I have a family blog but it’s more like our family diary. If it helps anyone then happy to share:


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