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Here we get to know our Members and learn about how they got started, how life has changed and other interesting facts.

Today we are introducing single mum Alice Wenzel, and her beautiful son Satria. Alice and Satria have been Worldschooling for 5 years and travel in a cute little van around Australia, with occassional international trips as well.


Introduce your family!

Hello! We are Alice & Satria (10-year-old boy). We are an unschooling worldschooling duo, finishing up a 6 week trip to LA, USA & Mexico, and soon to be returning to our home country Australia, to continue our travels in our Toyota HiAce campervan.


What was life like before Worldschooling?

Before we labeled ourselves as worldschoolers, we were already living on the road in Australia, traveling around in our campervan as unschoolers. We are now in our 5th year of not having rented a house! Before we started our adventure as unschoolers, we were living in Byron Bay Australia, renting a house, and Satria was attending the Byron Bay Community School. I took him out of school when he was 5 ½, ¾ of the way through his first year of Prep.


When and how did you first hear about Worldschooling?

When we were unschoolers, my Mum, during her research on unschooling, came across the term worldschooling, coined by Eli Gerzon. We started using this term instead of unschooling because of its more positive feel, and also because we started traveling overseas, and were literally using the world as Satria’s classroom.


Satria snorkeling in Cenote Azul, Mexico


How has life changed since you began Worldschooling?

Our life is amazing! Not only our life traveling around Australia but now with all our international travel and the countries that we have visited – hands on learning all around the world. In the last 18 months, we have been to Europe (England, Spain, & France), the USA (New York, New Jersey, and now LA), New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bali (my son’s father is Balinese / my ex-husband), and Mexico. And we have made beautiful friends all over Australia, and around the world. We are both more relaxed and happy, and learning so much since we exited the school system and living in suburbia.


What has been some unexpected benefits of Worldschooling?

  • Finding our tribe – being in contact and traveling with families who just get us.
  • Personal growth – for both of us.
  • Learning to trust ourselves, the world, and the people around us. Learning that if something ‘bad’ happens, it’s not the end of the world, and when one door closes, another (often better!) opens.

And most importantly my relationship with Satria has become even more connected, enjoyable, and peaceful.


Satria feeding a Joey at Corella Creek Country Stay in outback QLD, Australia



Could you share your monthly travel budget?

AUD650 per week / USD 500. Monthly USD 2,000 which goes towards accommodation, food & drinks, transport (excluding flights), and tours/ sightseeing.


How do you fund your travels?

I receive a carers pension as a single parent of a child diagnosed with ASD (Autism). We also receive a homeschooling supplement for being registered homeschoolers in Australia – and that is what I use to pay for our airfares. We can travel internationally for up to 6 weeks at a time, and still receive my pension.


How do you choose your destinations?

It’s different for every trip! Bali is for Satria to see his father, and for me to see friends that I made when we used to live there. Europe was the long way around to attend an unschooling conference in the USA as we had already flown to the USA before, and I wanted to visit new destinations that Satria hadn’t been to before. We had friends to stay with in each country in Europe, so that kept our expenses down. For Sri Lanka, my closest girlfriend (who lives in England) and I, wanted an exotic location to catch up in. Vietnam was to visit a friend that we had met in England the year before. And Mexico was to attend a Worldschooling summit. Basically, that boils down to traveling to countries for conferences, and to see friends, and to meet up with our tribe.


How long do you stay in one location and why?

We usually pick 1 country and travel around that country for up to 6 weeks – when we need to return to Austalia to continue to receive my pension.


Satria patting a wild stingray in Hamelin Bay, WA, Australia

What does a typical Worldschooling day or week look like for you?

Well, we almost always eat 3 meals a day, and that is about all that is the same each day! The rest of the day is filled with adventure, connection, catching up with other families, down-time, exploring new towns or areas, sharing our travels on Facebook… anything and everything! Each day is exciting and different. I like to research and plan, so when I have the time, I’m online doing that as well for upcoming trips.


What has been the hardest part of Worldschooling & Traveling? How did you handle it?

My anxiety when arriving in a new country with a different language! I’m fine once I venture out… but it’s that first step that I always find hard! I cancel out the negative self-talk with positive self-talk, and just give myself a push to get out there. And being alone on the road when it’s been a little while that we haven’t connected in with any like-minded souls. To get through these times I connect with friends and worldschooing groups online, and make sure that Satria and I get out and about every day, and even talk to strangers so that it’s not always just the 2 of us.




What are your Top 5 Travel Products?

I think you’ve got me! I don’t think we actually travel with any products that are made for travel! Ah, I know – travel adapters for our devices! Oh, and 1 travel lock for my suitcase which is checked-in. Satria’s suitcase is usually with us as carry-on. An inflatable neck pillow which I borrowed from my Mum and actually didn’t use, but I may use it on the way back to Australia on our next flight tomorrow!


What Tech Gear do you travel with?

Macbook Air and iPhone for me. And Satria has his iPad and Nintendo 3DS. When in our campervan in Australia, Satria also has his gaming laptop.


What are your favorite booking sites and why?

We use and Airbnb. I like as you don’t have to pay until you stay. And so far the reviews have been spot on. We used Airbnb in Mexico over because there were more budget options available to us. Reviews on Airbnb have also been very spot on. I use Trip Advisor to find restaurants close to where we are staying. The reviews on there are also very accurate.

To search for the best airfares, we use Skyscanner.


Worldschooling children (including Satria) selling coconuts to locals in Tangalle, Sri Lanka





As Worldschoolers, if you could step back in time, what is one thing you would do differently?

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to stop you from living your dream!


What would you tell someone who is considering Worldschooling?

Take the leap, and hit the road! Plan your trips as if they are already happening. Research, research, and more research until you feel confident in your upcoming trip. And connect in with families who are already living it. Or, if you are not traveling, then take the leap, and enjoy worldschooling from your home. The first step is always the hardest, but you won’t regret it. The change in your relationship with your child/children is only one of the beautiful outcomes of a worldschooling lifestyle.


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