Top 10 Travel Products We Couldn’t Live Without

March 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Travel Products

Want a peek in our travel bags? Our backpacks might only be small (checkout our favorite bags here) but our travel products pack a serious punch. Today we share our Top 10 must have travel products.

What’s in Our Backpacks?

As many of our regular readers would know, we travel with carry-on bags only. We don’t have room to cart unnecessary things and therefore every item in our pack must serve a purpose. We’ve put a whole lot of time into sourcing incredible products, and many of them have become completely indispensable.


In no particular order, here are our all time favourite top 10 travel products:


Powered USB Hub with 10 Ports


When we began travelling, we loaded our packs with multiple adapters of all different styles. This lead to an absolute mess of cables and the need for a large number of plug in points and adapters.

When we invested in the 10 port USB hub, life got so much easier, and a whole lot neater! Along with the USB Hub we bought 10 cables, most with lightning connectors for iPhone (we love braided cables as they last longer!) and a couple with micro USB cables for our other electronics. We also bought a small case to pack it all into, which makes for a lovely quick and easy solution to packing and unpacking.

Utilizing the USB hub makes setting up a charging station in any location (even airports) super easy and is one of the very best travel products we have purchased!


Seagate 2TB Wireless Drive


Streaming movies to kids devices just became super easy with the amazing Seagate Wireless Backup Drive. With a whopping 2TB (also available in 1TB and 500MB) of hard drive space, this device not only acts as a backup for our PC’s but a media hub while traveling, with between 3-8 possible connections (depending on what’s streaming).

After the initial setup, including downloading the Seagate App, connecting and streaming from the device is super easy. The Seagate Wireless creates its own wifi network – by selecting it and opening the Seagate App, your device has complete access to the hard drive.

Using this device has completely eliminated the need to transfer movies onto devices. It also makes saving documents a breeze as our PC’s have wireless access to the drive. We love knowing if anything happens to our PC’s, our data is secure. (Another awesome service is Dropbox – click here to check it out and get 500mb of free space)


Bonazza Universal World Travel Adapter


When changing countries regularly, a good quality international adapter is essential. We have 2 of these little adapters and they make getting power incredibly easy, wherever we are.

What I particularly like about this adapter is that for the most part, it is an all in one option – no chance of losing parts! Another factor that makes this particular adapter super special is the fact that it plugs directly into a power point, with the main body resting against the wall. By that, I mean that many have a section that pops out to plug in, leaving the body of the adapter hanging in mid-air away from the wall. This is fine until you plug something into it and the weight adjustment pulls the adapter down, playing havoc on the connection into the point.

This adapter also has multiple USB inputs which are a great bonus.


20,000mah External Backup Battery with 2 USB ports


I seriously do not know how we would survive without our backup batteries. We are heavy smartphone users, from photographs, directions, checking facebook and researching places to visit, our phone batteries get a big workout each and every day.

We have three of these packs, one for each of our phones. Being able to get out and about without the fear of our phones going flat, makes like far more enjoyable. We charge then religiously each night, and they are one of the first things that go into our day packs when we are heading out.

To make life even easier, we team this with a short (4″/10cm)  lighting cable or micro usb cable, to eliminate all the extra cabling that comes with our regular cables.


KidSafe Smart Watches


These awesome kids GPS smart watches, are a traveling parent’s best friend. If your little ones are anything like our 6-year-old, they are very adventurous and super curious, which, despite best efforts, can lead to little ones getting lost.

With the KidSafe Smart Watch, parents need not fear, as children can be easily located using the smartphone app.

These watches have so many features and benefits – and kids just love them because they feel all grown up.

They do require a sim card, however, this is super easy to organize. We generally set this watch up in places we are staying 3-4 weeks or more!


Digital Luggage Scale


We are traveling with carry on luggage only, so knowing how much our bags weigh before heading to the airport is pretty important. We’ve never actually had our bags weighed, however, we walk into the airport each time in the knowledge that we won’t be faced with any problems.

Word to the wise about purchasing digital scales… don’t skimp! The first set we bought a few years ago were pretty cheap and promptly broke within the first few uses… the weight of the bags was apparently too much for them and they snapped in half!


3D Eye Mask


I’ve never been a fan of eye masks. I’ve always found them extremely uncomfortable… until I discovered the 3D Eye Mask. This amazing mask is super comfortable as it’s curved shape means the mask doesn’t sit against your eyes. Plus it blocks out everything.

While you’ll kind of resemble a bumble bee when wearing them, I figure that no one looks stunning in an eye mask, and my sleep is far more important than what others think!!

Long-haul economy flights are never pleasant, but by using the 3D Eye Mask, time goes by much more quickly, and you will wake up far more refreshed at the other end!




When you are limited to one power outlet, the incredible Powercube creates power access for far more devices. Similar to a power board, but in a brand new design that is lighter and takes up less space, the Powercube is definitely a device we couldn’t live without. Proudly sitting next to our USB Hub, these two devices are an easy solution to all of our power requirements.

The Powercube can be purchased with your local inputs and then connected to any powerpoint using your Universal Adapter or by utilizing a set of IEC cables, featuring a connector for each country you might visit. The benefit of the IEC Cables is they act as an extension lead, giving you some distance for the Powercube to sit away from the wall.


Olympus TG-4 – Tough Compact Camera


While there is no doubt that full-size DSLR cameras take amazing photos, traveling the world with one is not entirely practical, especially if traveling with carry on bags only.

A fantastic alternative is the super rugged Olympus TG-4 camera, an incredible compact camera designed for heavy duty use. The image quality is fantastic and the camera is drop-proof and water-proof, which makes for some incredible pics at the beach or in the pool.

This camera is also fantastic for any budding photographs in the family. Knowing that it is drop proof has given us the confidence to allow both kids to use the camera, and they have thoroughly enjoyed their adventures capturing their own view of our travels.


Speaker and Headphone Splitter


It’s certainly not an item many would consider a necessity, but for a couple of dollars, our audio splitter has been extremely good value.

This nifty device contains a single audio jack (that plugs into a device) that is then split into two separate audio inputs so that two sets of headphones can be plugged in. The kids utilize this constantly as they watch shows together and while sharing a room with the kids, Cam and I often use these to watch a show together without waking the kids!


Osprey Porter 46


It is no secret that we love our Osprey Porter 46’s… they are the key to our international travel with carry-on luggage only. This list wouldn’t be complete without adding these bags, which, after over twelve months of travel, are still in as-new condition!

These bags have all the features needed to travel comfortably, and we rarely fill them before hitting the 7kg luggage requirement. They even have a 30ltr version that our 6-year-old uses (we just don’t pack it as heavily!) For a full review of this incredible bag, check out our review of carry-on bags.



Worldwide travel with kids is extremely rewarding, however without the right devices, it can be incredibly frustrating. Packing the right gear can make the world of difference, and if, like us, you choose to travel minimally, unnecessary extras are a weight that you just can’t afford to lug around. We’ve spent more than 12 months trialing different devices, and those mentioned above are by far our absolute favorites – and we wouldn’t want to travel without them!


Do you have items in your bags that we should look at? Share in the Comments!


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