Things to do in Copenhagen with Kids – Our Spy Adventure at Christiansborg Palace

January 18, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Denmark

One of our absolute favorite destinations while visiting Copenhagen, was our visit to the Christiansborg Palace. Yes it is beautiful and yes it is grand, but we enjoyed it because we got to be spies and help stop a burglary!

The beautiful Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

How To Start the Adventure

Christiansborg Palace has a range of tours available – from wandering the beautiful reception rooms, heading underground to view the ruins, touring the Palace Kitchen or visiting the stables, there is certainly plenty to do. However, while researching the palace tours, I discovered that they have recently launched a fantastic game for kids that has them wandering the halls of the palace, searching for treasures.

The beautiful Royal Stables at Christiansborg Palace

A tour is the best way to see the Palace

The sneaky thief, Heidenreich, is planning to steal one of the priceless treasures at Christianborg Palace and the palace is calling for all children to stop him!

If your kids like a good puzzle and are up for a challenge, they can help prevent the theft of one of Christiansborg Palace’s invaluable treasures. The villain of the game, Heidenreich, is planning to expand his private collection with one of the priceless cultural treasures at Christiansborg Palace. The only chance of stopping him is to solve his mischievous riddles. Luckily, the righteous Professor Blom is there to help you, and together you must explore the halls of the palace to obtain the clues you need in order to stop Heidenreich.

Our 6-year-old was beyond excited when we told her about this and yet another tour of a historical site, quickly became a whole lot of fun. Our 12 year old enjoyed the game as well, and as parents, we loved watching them both explore with such excitement, although we did have to point out that it was ok to stop and look at things on the way!

Getting to the Palace

The Palace is located on the tiny island of Slotsholmen, and contains the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. Unfortunately, the Palace has a history of burning down (it’s been rebuilt twice already after being destroyed by fire), so it is no longer used as a royal residence.

Getting to the Palace is very simple, and can be reached quite easily on foot.

Purchasing Tickets

While the App itself is completely free, you will need to purchase tickets to enter the Royal Reception Rooms. A visit is well worth the money you’ll spend, but keep reading for extra info.

Tickets to the Royal Reception Rooms cost 90DKK ($USD13/$AUD17) for adults, while all kids under 18 are FREE! Furthermore, the ticket includes a free tour, held daily at 3 pm. We visited at about 1.30pm, spent an hour hunting for clues, half an hour to eat some sandwiches we brought with us (Copenhagen is crazy expensive!) and then joined the tour at 3 pm.

Before you rush out and buy tickets, however, if you pay just a little more, you will also be able to tour the Royal Kitchen, the Royal Stables and the Ruins under the Palace.

  • Royal Reception Rooms – 90DKK ($USD13/$AUD17)
  • The Ruins – 50DKK ($7USD/$9AUD)
  • The Royal Kitchen – 50DKK ($7USD/$9AUD)
  • The Royal Stables 50DKK ($7USD/$9AUD)

However, if you buy entrance to all four areas, you’ll pay only ($21USD/$28AUD). Children under 18 are completely free and you have one month to use the tickets, allowing you to spread your visit over a few days.  You can simply use the ticket for entry alone, however, we highly recommend combining your visit with a guided tour. Tour guides share personal stories and historical facts which help the whole family understand the Palace and its use through the years.

Tours of the Reception Rooms occur daily at 3 pm. However, the remaining areas only hold tours on Saturdays. All tours run for approximately 1 hour.

  • Royal Reception Rooms – Daily Tours at 3 pm
  • The Ruins – Saturdays 12 pm
  • The Royal Kitchen – Saturdays 2 pm
  • The Royal Stables – Saturdays 4 pm

Click to Download

Downloading the App

Before you arrive at the Palace, download the app, available for iOS here. Unfortunately, it seems there is no Android app.

Visiting the Palace

When you arrive at the Palace, you need to enter via the main entrance, which is signed. You enter through impressive timber doors, which on approach we weren’t sure how to open. However, as you get closer, a small section opens automatically!!

Upon arrival, you can purchase your tickets from the gift shop. The ladies are just lovely and will help you store your bags (and jackets/gloves/beanies in winter) in locked cages for safety.

You will be provided with some blue shoe covers, which must be worn as you wander through the Palace. While they look pretty funny, everyone wears them (and they make for a great photo!)

Start Your Hunt and Find the Clues

While you could put the app on your child’s iPad, we only used my iPhone, and we had an absolute ball. Huddled around the phone, listening to the clues and instructions was so much fun, and a wonderful activity to do as a family. From a learning perspective, we would discuss what the clues could mean, and let Sienna lead the way a little.

Counting clues in the Dining Room

Studying a clue in the giant rug

Hunting for clues in the library

The app is suited more for the younger child (possibly up to 10 years of age), however, despite that, we all had a great time.

If you do get stuck, there are clues available, but with a little bit of hunting, it isn’t hard to make out the answers. The clues are designed to walk you through all of the different rooms of the palace, and when you think you’ve found something, asks a question to make sure you are in the right place! Answer it correctly, and you’ll uncover a clue to help you discover the object Heidenreich wants to steal!

A beautiful ballroom

One of many stunning Chandeliers

Is there a clue near the Royal Thrones?


With so much of Denmark’s history linked to the Royal Family, a visit to a Danish Palace should be high on your list

Looking for more activities that you must do while visiting Copenhagen? – the Swedish Nomad has a great list to check out!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Christiansborg Palace and truly appreciated how accessible the Palace is to visitors. We were all in awe as we wandered through the Reception Rooms, and Sienna was super excited to hear the story of Princess Mary, our very own Aussie Princess!

Our Aussie Princess – Princess Mary, the next Queen of Denmark

I would certainly recommend a visit to Christiansborg Palace while in Copenhagen, including, if possible, the tours of each area. Each part of the castle is incredible on it’s own, but a full tour made the palace come alive!

Hunting for clues is such hard work!

For more information about the Palace, the tours or anything else, please visit the Christiansborg Palace website.


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