Things to do In Bali With Kids

Things to do in Bali with kids? Bali is an amazing place to visit, especially if you are travelling with kids. There is just so much to do and see in Bali and many worldschooling families spend a number of months exploring the beautiful island. Many people speak at least a little English, so you should have no problem navigating the island.

Bali With Kids

Our Guide to the Best Things to Do in Bali With Kids

The vibrant island of Bali holds a special place in the hearts of many Worldschooling families. It is a super popular destination and a great place to connect with other families. There are a lot of fun activities in Bali, specifically catering to kids of all ages, in fact your kids will never want to leave the fun-filled island of Bali.

Things To Know About Bali

Getting to Bali

Bali has an international airport called the Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are flights from most of the popular tourist destinations to and from Bali. You can easily catch a direct flight to Bali from most European and American cities and there are a lot of affordable Asian airlines that travel this route on a daily basis.
The airport is located very close to the city, and you can get a cab or a bus to most of the tourist destinations as well as the city centre from the airport itself if you want to dive right into exploring the island.

Accommodation – Where to stay in Bali

There are a lot of great options to choose from where ever you are staying in Bali. You can choose from service apartments, hotels, Airbnb and even hostels.

Accommodation is very easy to find in Bali. You can google online for tons of places. If you prefer to look at the hotel or apartment before you decide to stay there, that would also not be a problem. There are tons of hotels in every nook and corner of the city. You need not worry about not getting a play to stay in Bali.

Getting around in Bali

The easiest way to get around Bali is using a taxi – they are cheap, easy to find and can be called using Apps such as Grab. Another option is a private driver – ask in the Worldschooling Central Facebook Group and you’ll have personal recommendations from lots of our members.

Bali’s traffic is, put simply, chaotic. It isn’t hard to get around, and you can get from one place to another without much hassle, but be aware that due to the amount of traffic, journeys can take considerable time!

Another option is to hire scooters. They are cheap and easily accessible, however, be aware that traffic in Bali is crazy at the best of times, so this is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, an incredible way to experience Bali and makes it easy to get around. If riding scooters, please ensure you wear a helmet (local Police will stop you) and we highly recommend checking that you are covered by your insurance, as many policies require you to have a motorbike licence as a minimum. The last thing you would is to have a serious accident only to find out you are not covered.

Weather in Bali

Bali is a good year-round destination. Be aware that it is HOT and humid, and prepare accordingly.

The best time to visit Bali is in the months of April to October. There is little rain, low amounts of humidity and lots of sun during this time. Also, these are the best months if you are looking for an affordable stay in Bali as the number of tourists is relatively lesser at this time.

The beaches in these months are also not very crowded and can be enjoyed easily if you want to try your hands at water sports like surfing, the best months are from April to early October.

For further details on Bali’s weather, please click here.

The Cost of Living in Bali

The cost of living in Bali is low, and you can live well in Bali on very little. Or, for a bit more, you can live in luxury!! The currency is the Indonesian Rupiah, also called IDR and at the time of writing $1USD buys 15,396IDR.

For full details about the cost of living in Bali we highly recommend this link.

Things to do with Kids in Bali

Below we feature a huge list of activities to keep you and your Worldschooling kids entertained while in Bali. We’ve included a link to each attraction’s website, so be sure to visit for further information including opening hours and pricing.


Bali Zoo Gianyar

This is certainly one of the most popular place in Bali for kids. The zoo is home to almost 350 animals. This includes rare animals like the Orangutan, the Sumatran Tiger, as well as the sun bear. There are special programs where you can have a safe breakfast with the orangutans. There is also a bird presentation on most days in the zoo. There are guided tours that are available in the zoo that you can take to learn more about the animals as well as their habitats.

For more information about Kidzania click here.


Bali Safari Marine Park

The safari park is another location that kids love. You will ride in a protected minibus and will be able to see animals from Asia as well as Africa on the safari. The bus moves at a well-planned route that maximises your chance to see animals in their natural habitat. The safari guide is present to ensure your safety as well as educate you about the various animals that you will see in their habitats. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot a wild tiger that is hiding in the bushes or even some white rhinoceros that is having a stroll.

For more information about the safari park please visit their website here.


Waterbom Bali

This is a huge water park that is located on the island. It features more than fifty different rides and fun water activities for kids of all ages. It is usually full during tourist visiting seasons. The entry to the park is priced very modestly, and you can definitely afford it if you are travelling along with your family. There are numerous pools and water slides and twisters that are present in the waterpark. All the rides go through safety inspections very frequently and are safe to ride on. Some rides are not allowed for very small kids for this very reason. It is a great place for adults as well as kids in Bali.

For full information on Waterbom park, please visit their website here.


Sobek Rafting Ubud At Ayung River

Though it may sound unsafe at first, if you have a kid that is above seven years of age, you can take them along with you on a fun-filled rafting trip at the Ayung river. The rafting has a 100% safety rating, and nothing bad will happen to you or your kids. The rafting also includes a safety lesson along with proper instruction at the start of the activity. The guards are always patrolling the rafters so that there is nothing to worry about. The equipment is top of the line and is maintained neatly. This is an experience that you may not get again in your lifetime, and you must try it out with your kids.

For more information click here.


Bali Bird Park

At Bali Bird Park, your kids can learn about birds and watch them in their natural habitat. There are almost 250 different species of birds from all over the world here – just grab a pair of binoculars and soon you will be able to see and hear a lot of different birds. The birds are super colourful and will no doubt create plenty of interesting discussions and learning opportunities.

For more information visit their website here.


Bali Submarine Tour

There is nothing as fun as watching the sea from within, and no better way to learn about underwater life that a submarine ride. Bali offers group submarine tours that are reasonably priced from the Bali mainland. Your kids will definitely love the experience of swimming with the fish. The submarine tours are one of the most popular things that people indulge in when they come to Bali. The submarine is comfortable and is very spacious so that kids do not get scared when they are diving underwater to catch a glimpse of the various creatures that are swimming in the sea.


Dream Museum Zone Bali

This is a unique 3D museum that has images of a lot of animals and birds in 3D. They look so lifelike that kids love spending time in the museum. What better than learning with fun? If you’ve not yet experienced a 3D museum this is a must see – don’t forget your camera and allow lots of time, because you are guaranteed to spend ages snapping pics of all the unique images, creating incredible memories and Facebook worthy shots!

For more information please visit their website.


The Pirates Bay, Bali Nusa Dua

This is an incredible place to enjoy a meal, where kids can play dress up as pirates and play in themed areas. They have fun bounty hunting activities twice daily for the kids (lasting 1.5hours) while the adults can relax for a while in the restaurant. Or if you’re up for a bit of adventure take part in a Treasure Hunt designed for adults.

What better excitement for kids than putting on a costume and playing with kids from all around the world. Let your kids play in a safe environment while you have a relaxing bite from the variety of foods that are available in this restaurant.

For further information please visit their website here.


Bali Treetop Adventure

Bali treetop adventure is an amazing place to visit with your family. It is a completely open place that is surrounded by nature’s best trees and plants. There are various fun activities like Tarzan jumps, tightrope courses, spider nets, and so much more. You can easily spend a whole day in the treetop adventure if you want to. It is an exhilarating adventure that you can go on with your kids, and they are bound to love it.

For further information please visit their website here.


Rip Curl School of Surf

Where better to learn to surf than Bali? The Rip curl school of surf is one of Bali’s best surf schools. Here you can learn to surf from their group of trainers who are from all around the world. You can go for daily lessons or quick courses depending on how long you are planning to spend in Bali. There are some quick courses for kids as well. They can do some light paddling and light surfing. It will be something that they will enjoy thoroughly.

For more information please visit their website here.


Elephant Cave – Goa Gajah

Though the name speaks of an elephant, there are no elephants in the elephant cave. The name comes from the intricate rock carving that is made on the entrance to the elephant cave. The cave is located at the western edge of the Bedulu Village about 6 km out from central Ubud. The cave has a Shiva lingam that is sacred to Hindus. Kids can learn all about Ganesh, the elephant god that is sacred to the Hindus in this cave.

Guides are available to walk you through the complex – but take note – have a conversation with them before you get started to ensure they know more than 2 or 3 words of English. During our tour the guide seemed to know only 4 words “big tree fall down”!! And they will expect a tip at the end of the tour.


Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a sanctuary to more than a hundred and twenty different species of monkeys from all around the world. One of the special monkey species that can be seen in this park is the Balinese monkey or the macaque monkey. The forest has little temples all around, and the visitors can walk by themselves as they choose and explore these little temples.

If you are looking for things to do in Bali with kids, this is definitely a popular destination, however please be aware that monkeys can be both friendly and vicious, so take care when visiting. For more information please do some research before visiting.

To find out more visit their website here.

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