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We are excited to welcome you to this brand new resource for Worldschooling Families.

What is Worldschooling Central?

Worldschooling Central is a community hub, where Worldschooling families can come together to share information and learn from other Worldschoolers.

If you are looking for activities for your kids, great family friendly accommodation, or anything in between, Worldschooling Central will be THE place to hear from other families about their experiences and their recommendations.

Does it Cost to Join?

Our number one goal for Worldschooling Central is to create a free resource that all families can utilize during their worldschooling adventures. We appreciate that everyone is on a different budget and sometimes money can be tight, so we endeavor to always provide a free service to our community.

The only thing we ask in exchange is your involvement. Tell us about your experiences and create listings in our Worldschooling Directory. Know of a great place to stay in London? Found an incredible cultural activity in Malaysia? Or what about food? Tell us about your favorite Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai! Simply create your own account (here) and create a listing for each place you’d like to recommend to your fellow Worldschoolers.

Worldschooling Central is a community, and it is your involvement that will help grow it into the incredible resource we want it to be.

What Can You Do Right Now?

So get started, join the Worldschooling Central Community by clicking HERE

Worldschooling Central is in its infancy, however, we have launched with an incredible directory that you can utilize during your planning. From Places to Stay, Places to Eat and Places to Visit (including classes, cultural activities, museums, theme parks and more!) As Worldschoolers we are always trying new things – help others to benefit from your experience by adding a listing on Worldschooling Central!

Have More Questions?

Check out our FAQ Page, or contact us at

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