Do You Have These Top 25 Travel Apps?

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Whether you’re in the planning stages of travel or already on the road, there is a myriad of Apps available to help make your life easier. But which ones do you need? What are must-have travel apps? Today we share them with you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this list – be sure to let us know of any that we haven’t included in the comments at the bottom of the page!

We’ve broken this list into different categories – traveling is made up of so many different areas, these Apps just can’t be lumped into a single category.

Must Have Travel Apps – Planning


Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: Free


You would have to worry a bit if Google wasn’t on the top of this list! By far the most popular App we use to plan is Google – with a wealth of information at your fingertips, from travel reviews to hints and tips, it is definitely THE go to App.

Having said that, I’ve noticed lately that some don’t really understand the best way to search on Google. I know that sounds really strange, but it’s true. People can completely over complicate their Google searches, looking for the perfect combination of words to search! Keep it simple… ASK A QUESTION!

Looking to travel cheaply from Paris to London? Then ask exactly that: “What is the cheapest way to travel from Paris to London?” Google is a smart machine… it knows how to answer your questions!



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available


Without TripIt, I’d be in a total and utter mess (and on the few occasions I forgot to use it, I was!).

TripIt is a planning tracker – tracking everything from hotel to flight bookings and everything in between.

What I truly love about TripIt is the ability to email them my booking confirmations and have them automatically update it all – it makes life super easy! For example, when I make a flight booking, when I receive the confirmation email from the airline, I simply forward that to and within about 60 seconds I get a confirmation back telling me that my update has gone through – SIMPLE.

No more searching for bookings in your emails, simply add it to TripIt and everything you need is at your fingertips!



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available


DropBox is a travelers best friend! Sync everything on your PC and all of the images on your phone automatically to DropBox, just to ensure that everything is safe at all times. There would be nothing worse that being in the middle of a trip, only to find that your PC has crashed and you’ve lost all of your photos or work!

As an added bonus you can set it up so you simply plug your phone in and it automatically syncs. Plus, you can sync folders onto your laptop so you can use your files as you would any others.



Platform/s: iPhone
Price: FREE


A wonderful App (sadly for iPhone only) that is super useful. Use the App to scan documents – the app looks for the documents, turns them into a document (as opposed to just a photo of a document) and then gives you the option to save them to your photos (so you can then auto-upload to DropBox), or save them to Evernote.


Must Have Travel Apps – Accommodation


Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


A go-to app for booking accommodation. AirBnB can save you an absolute fortune on accommodation, and generally gives you a much higher quality place for less money.

For families, AirBnB allows you to book a 1 or 2 (or more!) bedroom apartment (as opposed to a hotel room), plus you usually get a full-size kitchen which means less eating out and the ability to cook meals at home (to save money!)

Looking to make some extra cash? Why not list your spare room or whole home on AirBnB? Become a host and make extra money from something you already have! Plus you’ll meet new people from all over the world!

Click HERE to receive a $26 Discount Coupon for your next AirBnB stay!

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE is up there with Airbnb for booking accomodation, allowing you to look at hotels, apartments, hostels and more. One of the huge benefits of is in the ability to book with free cancellation, often up to the day before your intended stay.

Plus, stay 5 times and become a Booking Genius, which gives you extra benefits!

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE usually offers very good prices, plus they have a reward program! Stay 10 nights, get 1 free! Who doesn’t like a free night’s accommodation?


Must Have Travel Apps – Flights


Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


An industry favorite – Skyscanner is a great place to start your search for flights.It’s not the cheapest all the time, but it’s certainly one to include as it regularly returns results that are far better than other sites.

Skyscanner is super simple to use and very responsive – it includes all airlines (including budget ones that some other apps don’t include!), which makes it ideal for the budget traveler.



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


If you are spending any time in SE Asia then AirAsia will be hard to beat for flight costs between cities, and the Air Asia App is a great addition. Register with Air Asia and you can check-in and use the app for your boarding passes!


Expert Flyer

Platform/s: Online
Price: FREE


Expert Flyer, whilst not a traditional App as such, is still worth a mention. Using Expert Flyer you can score awesome seats on your flights – seats with extra legroom etc. In their own words, Expert Flyer gives you the best information so you can buy your tickets anywhere, online or off. With (their) new Seat Alerts® feature, you can be notified when the exact seat you want becomes available. A great tool when booking long haul flights.


Must Have Travel Apps – Things to Do

Trip Advisor

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


Surely you’ve seen the ad – “Barcelona or Trip Advisor Barcelona” – well, I’m a sucker and yes I do exactly that when we are researching a new destination (to be fair, I did that before I saw the ads!)

Trip Advisor is a travel website company that includes interactive travel forums with millions of reviews of possibly every destination you could imagine!!

When researching a new destination their “things to do” section is a must use, as are their articles like “one day in Barcelona”.



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


Groupon is a must-try while on your travels! If you like a bargain, then this one is for you! Groupon offers huge discounts, often up to 80% of regular prices. BUT, word of warning. Always go to the supplier’s website and double check the actual cost of the item you are considering purchasing. Quite often, the RRP you see on Groupon doesn’t quite match the actual RRP on the supplier’s site, which means the discount might not be quite as good as you think!


Must Have Travel Apps – Photos/Video


Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE

Whether you’re posting on Instagram or not, you’ve got to love the look that the Instagram filters give your pics!!! But hey, if you’re going to use it, post them on Instagram and share them with friends, fans and random followers!



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available


Magisto is a cool app that helps you instantly create really cool videos, complete with a soundtrack.  It really does a fantastic job, without the headache of learning how to do it.

Simply add your images and video, select a theme and music, and like magic your video is ready. A quick and easy way to share your adventures with friends and family!


Must Have Travel Apps – Day to day

XE – Currency Conversion

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: Free

There are so many currency conversion apps available, however, XE has been my go to conversion app for years. You can save up to 10 different currencies (which is really useful if going to multiple countries) and it is super simple to use.

Calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates with this free currency converter!


Google Translate

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


Oh the fun we’ve had with Google Translate!!! Sitting in a hotel room in France, trying to learn some french phrases for when we go out exploring the next day – only to find that our french accents are so bad that we are saying things with a completely different meaning!!!

Apart from the joys of learning a new language, Google Translate has been brilliant for navigating foreign countries. Whether it is looking up the phrase to say yourself, or simply speaking your question (in English) into the app, and having it speak the translation to in a foreign language, Google Translate will help you out in all sorts of occasions!

And that is not all… walking around a supermarket, trying to figure out what things are? Use your Google Translate App’s Camera setting – simply hold the phone up to the item and Google Translate instantly translates the words into your chosen language. I’ve even seen our kids read books in another language, simply by holding the app up and looking at the translation!

I do preface all of this by saying that the translation isn’t always perfect, but it’s better than not knowing at all! AND… it doesn’t work in China!


Trail Wallet

Platform/s: iPhone
Price: FREE trial – Upgrade available

Trail Wallet makes sticking to a travel budget easy!

Trail Wallet is a nifty little app that is super easy to use – it literally takes no more than 30 seconds to enter an expense and you’re on your way.

Trail Wallet allows you to have a play for up to 25 transactions, and then you do have to pay for it. BUT, it is worth it!

You can have multiple trips, in multiple currencies on the go – it really is a great little app that we use everyday!


WiFi Finder

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Upgrade available


Why pay for WiFi when you can get it for free? This cool little app not only helps you find WiFi hotspots but if others before you have entered the password (eg. at Coffee Shops), it gives that to you as well! Bonus!

Until unlimited wifi is readily available, we all just have to do our best to get by… this might just be the next best thing!


Rick Steves – Audio Europe

Platform/s:  iPhone & Android
Price: FREE – Pay for individual guides


If you’re tripping around Europe and seeing the highlights, then Rick Steves Audio Europe is an absolute must!

Many attractions offer audio guides which are super popular with kids and adults alike, BUT, the cost of Audio Tours can add up. This is where Rick Steves comes in! Download the one you want, plug in your headphones and off you go.

You will need to have one device per person, so we simply loaded the same app on our iPhones and iPads and off we went.

The quality of the tours is A+. He really brings things to life and helps you understand your destination with incredible detail!


Must Have Travel Apps – Keeping in touch


Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


If you haven’t tried Skype where have you been? LOL

Some might argue that it’s dropping in popularity, and with the likes of Facebook Messenger, Zoom and other apps it certainly isn’t the powerhouse it used to be! BUT, it can certainly be useful while traveling.

Before departing home, purchase a Skype number. Divert your mobile number to Skype and when someone rings you, your app will ring. Not only does this help reduce call costs, but when you are in a new country and purchase a local sim, you’ll still be fully contactable!

Making calls is also super cheap – when you head off overseas, sometimes you just have to call home, but at $2, $3, or $4 a minute, who can afford it! With Skype, you can pay as little as $0.02/minute which saves everyone a financial headache!



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


What can I say? If you are traveling, Facebook is an awesome way to keep in touch with friends and family! With Facebook around, the distance between our friends and family doesn’t seem nearly as great as it actually is.

Definitely the easiest way to keep in touch!


Facebook Messenger

Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


Facebook Messenger is another favorite, particularly for phone calls and video calls. Hook yourself up to WiFi and off you go, a free easy way to chat to, and see your loved ones! It certainly helps eleviate homesickness!



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


WhatsApp is the app of choice for communicating in many countries and a great way to get in touch with people and businesses.


Must Have Travel Apps – Getting around


Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


I have raved about HERE time and time again – it is one of my all-time favorite travel Apps and we use it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

HERE is a map program, which can be used completely offline! For those on the move, this aspect alone makes the App a compulsory part of your arsenal.

HERE allows you to store your favorite locations and destinations in “Collections”, which is really handy! We’ve set up one Collection per city! Simply open the collection, click on your desired destination and HERE will give you directions, whether by foot, car or public transport!

HERE has been brilliant both whilst on the road and while walking around new cities as a Tourist!

Looking for a local bank, petrol station or something else – simply type it into HERE and it will present you with a list of options.

All without using any Data!!!

Hint – Just make sure you download your destination maps prior to leaving, and every now and then HERE needs to hook into wifi for a split second when you arrive at a new city, which is super easy on Airport Free Wifi!



Platform/s: Online, iPhone & Android
Price: FREE


Depending on where you are, Taxi’s can cost a fortune, but time and time again Uber offers the same journey for about 50% of local taxi’s.

Uber is a nifty little app that helps local drivers use their own cars to get you from place to place, at a reduced cost. The app notifies the local driver that you need someone and allows you to track and pay your driver through the app.

Where Uber is extremely useful is when you’re in a foreign country and can’t speak the language. The Uber app eliminates communication problems and ensures you arrive without fuss!




So, what do you think – did you find some new Apps to try out? We really would love to hear your thoughts! Do you have an app or two that you love, that we haven’t listed? Please share it!! Everyone has personal favorites and we always love to learn new things, so share below and we’ll add your suggestion to a new page – if you have a blog of your own, we’ll even link to it!



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