The Best Things Long-Term Travel Teaches You

May 31, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ World Schooling

Travel can affect you in so many ways. In today’s guest post, Isabel Leong from Bel Around the World looks at things you learn from long term travel. What have you learned by traveling with your family?


Taking a long break from your everyday life isn’t just a great way to alleviate short-term stress, it also serves to provide you with a series of invaluable life lessons which will carry you through the years to come. Today, let’s break down five of the best things which long-term travel teaches you.


How to Haggle

In most western cultures, it’s fairly common to naturally accept any price we’re charged. In fact, it’s pretty much a requirement for most stores if you actually want to walk away with your item at the end of the day.

However, that isn’t always the case on foreign shores. Learning to haggle is a valuable life skill, which can be transferred to any sort of negotiations you’ll ever have to carry out. TINZ highlight some of the top haggling skills as being:


  • Showing a strong poker face
  • Starting with as small a price as possible
  • Searching around and knowing when to walk away


Life is Short, So Relax

When you’re young it’s easy enough to naively believe you’re going to “live forever”. That is to say, the looming specter of death seems a heck of a long way off. While it might be true, it’s also important not to take it for granted.

You’ll find on a long adventure that the little things which might have bugged you at home really aren’t worth worrying about. The key here is to translate that holiday attitude into your everyday life when you get back home.


Beauty Can be Found Anywhere

You don’t have to head off to a national landmark to find breath-taking sites. Sometimes a walk along a country path can turn up views which will captivate you just as much as more well-documented locations.

Don’t naively assume that something isn’t worthwhile just because it hasn’t been raved about in a guidebook or by fellow travelers. Discover beauty and character everywhere you go – and keep an open mind in the process.



How to Budget

It’s something of a mental nightmare when you’re trying to have fun, but budgeting is sadly a crucial part of being able to successfully travel for an extended period of time. Make sure you perfect this part of your trip, lest you suddenly find yourself strapped for cash with a considerable amount of your journey still remaining.

Sta Travel suggests several ways which will help you to budget efficiently on your travels, with some of the top methods including:


  • Holidaying with a buddy
  • Eating local food
  • Drawing up a plan of what you intend to spend on a weekly or daily basis


Change is Good

Let’s face it, very few people are ever comfortable with a sudden change in their life. It throws us out of balance and disrupts a harmony. However, rather than fearing something like this, it’s healthier to embrace the alterations which you’re bound to face throughout your life.

Attitude is Altitude showcase seven reasons why change in your life is actually a good thing. Heading off on a holiday where you’ll be facing new and constantly changing scenery on a near-daily basis is the perfect way to prepare for this.


Bear these factors in mind when it comes to your next long-term travel plans. Some life lessons have to be learned through experience.


Guest Post Bio

Hi! I am Isabel. Pulling from my own world travels and lessons, I give tips on how to stretch every penny I have while traveling experientially. 🙂




What lessons have you learned from travel?

Tell us in the Comments section below!


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