San Miguel de Allende Mexico Worldschooling Family Pop Up Village October 1-30 2018

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
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After a few meetings and many conversations a few eager families are uniting to start our first official family pop up community. We are hosting a 30 day family pop up community in San Miguel de Allende. It will be from October 1-30. It will lead into the Family Adventure Summit taking place October 31-November 2 in San Miguel de Allende. With so many families already planning to attend the conference we figure it is a great way to easily start this project. We’d love for more families to join this collaborative effort. We will all collectively work together to create a children’s co-learning/creative space. In addition a member from each family will contribute by facilitating a workshop on anything from parenting, to relationships or facing fears or even juggling (we hope). This is a total community effort by families who are interested in creating community while traveling to a new place in the world. If you are interested please join the dialogue on our facebook page. This isn’t a business but we will all contribute money to have supplies and rent a space to host (mostly for the children space). For more information please join the discussion to find out about the upcoming pop up in Mexico or stay connected with people who are interested in creating a pop up somewhere else in the world. Perhaps it’s you!

This is for families interested in deeper connections with like-minded families and, a sense of longing for community while living “out in the world”. Families with a desire to go deeper than excursions and instead expand on the topics of strengthening our family and/our marriages as we re-evaluate the way we live. A few families here are interested in facilitating weekly discussion groups for adults. Others want to be apart of making the children’s space unique to their growing needs/desires in a fun refreshing way. There are also many of us traveling who have skills to share and trade, or crafts, books, services etc to sell, that are relevant to this group. Some even discussed forming family masterminds or accountability groups for couples, or those looking to grow or start a business. This is an amazing way for us to come together and, create community that can really help each family grow and thrive.

The Plan:
Monday – Thursday 4-5 hours of children’s learning/creative space (art, music, spanish classes, movement, etc.)
Monday – Thursday 4-5 hours of adult group workshops/classes lead by a member of the community including family meditation breathwork or movement class lead by a member of the community
Friday group trip or immersive activity (cooking, community involvement, local excursion etc.)
Weekly women’s meet up
Weekly men’s meet up
Bi-weekly Barn Raising
2 book club meet up in the 30 days.
Two community pop up store and skill share events

Cost: We are working this out now, but basically it is all at cost of renting space (very reasonable prices) and, paying for materials and group instructors mainly for the children space. not exceeding $350 – $400 a family for the month depending on how many children you have attending the children’s daily space. Plus your accommodations excursions food costs etc.

The requirement to attend: (At least one of the following from one family member. However, more members of your family are welcome to contribute a class workshop or other offering)

1. host a weekly class or workshop for adults or children
2. be the head person for the weekly excursions or meetups etc.
3.Give one weekly family or personal mentoring.
4. Offer a weekly class in movement/meditation/breathwork
5. Some other weekly offerings to the group. Perhaps painting, writing, public speaking a concert .. dig deep on your skills.
6. Volunteer 4 hours throughout the month in the children’s space.

All must be willing to participate for the full 30 days so we keep the sense of community. Of course, this doesn’t mean going to everything every day but at least weekly participation in addition to what you are hosting. Is this a strict policy? Will you be kicked out? No way! I know there are people who can only do 3 weeks or just might need to leave or come later. You are absolutely welcome. But seriously consider if this is something for you so that you can gain the most out of this as well as give. Besides when you are enjoying time with like-minded individuals you just want to keep it going.

The adult workshops will be 10-12 adults max in each workshop to allow for enough sharing.

Why is there a “requirement”? Think of a garden. Before you eat from it you must grow an abundant garden. Thus the saying “you reap what you sow”. One of the nicest things about a homegrown garden is the variety in the yield.
One of the fastest and best ways to grow a thriving community or group is with collective cultivation. Also when we feel useful and needed in a group we are likely to want it to work. We also give more authentically and feel more willing to contribute when we know to expect the same. It opens others to give more without the worry of being taken advantage of. We quickly see how much we have to gain when many people give. You’ve heard of the story of “stone soup” right? If not look it up. It explains the concept. As we each contribute our own uniqueness, we gain a more abundant variety that we can all enjoy.

What we need from you:workshop ideas that you’d like to see or host, whether for children or adults. A class you’d like to take or teach. The more adults that volunteer in the kids space the lower the costs. if you have experience in non traditional learning or are willing to give it a try. If you have older children with skills they’d like to teach we’d love to have them. We also believe the teen “teachers” should be compensated for their time to support entrepreneurship. If there are teens that want to work in the children’s space twice a week that would be excellent. Children love to learn from dedicated teens who have a passion for a trade craft instrument etc. We want to showcase all the talents of the community including our youth.

Some workshops already planned or requested:
– a guided book discussion on unschooling/child led learning
– supporting the personal growth of your partner and truly defining your relationship together.
-facing the fears of finance (How can I afford to change my life)
– a guided discussion on how to see each member of your family as an individual yet understanding their roles as a family member
– workshop on family reading
– photography
-creative writing
– book writing
– sketching, and drawing
breathwork, yoga, breathwork

note: we can have more than one person doing a similar workshop they will be on different days.

Please note this is not organized by FAS ( But they are aware that we are having the pop up leading into Family Adventure Summit and some will be participating as well. We look forward to forming community with you.

As a side note: I’ve started talking to a few hostels as a possibility to rent out for a group of to stay for the month. So far there is an entire hostel available with both private and shared bathrooms. We would also use this as a base for meetups, especially for hosting all the children’s events. Let me know if you are interested in renting a room in the hostel. It ranges from $7 a person per day or $25 a day per room depending on the size. There are 20 rooms in total, 12 with private bath. They accommodate 2-8 people, depending on the room. Each family could rent an entire room. But otherwise, everyone will find their own accommodations throughout San Miguel. We will only share the cost to rent space for activities materials etc. I can send more on the hostel to anyone who is interested in a room there.

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