Feb 10, 2018 – Feb 17, 2018 | Chica Goddess Dive & Yoga Retreat | Cozumel Island, Mexico

San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico
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When was the last time you took a moment, a day, a weekend to connect with yourself? If we asked you to make out a priority list, everything you need to get done . . .right now, are you even on your own list? Have you lost sight of your dreams? Do you hear your inner voice? Join us on our home island in Cozumel, Mexico for this private escape to paradise!

It’s time escape and fall back in love, with yourself and with your higher self, your Goddess! As you discover adventures together with this amazing group of women, you will smile, feel your heart explode with joy and let the stress melt away. This goddess only retreat is a beautiful investment in your sacred relationship with yourself.

If you’re craving a reconnection to your inner voice and time to genuinely slow down, be pampered and have a one of of a kind ecoadventure then it’s time to reconnect, not only with yourself but with your higher self!

The time is now! You have pushed your needs aside for far too long, you have put your career, your family and everyone else ahead of yourself on your priority list for too many years. These shared moments and experiences are far more important and effective than retail therapy or even spa days! Our adventures address your soul, filling you up in ways no trip to the mall ever can!

The Venue . . .

Ventanas al Mar is the only oceanfront eco-friendly hotel to be found on Cozumel´s unspoiled, rugged East Coast, about 18km from the city of San Miguel de Cozumel. This beautiful, intimate, family run hotel is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean with its white powder beaches, unrestricted views of the ocean and a cool ocean breeze in every room. Enjoy the peace and tranquility whilst stargazing from your balcony at night.

The hotel was built on the only cliff in Cozumel, making the most of the natural landscape with the rooms being built right above the ocean on the cliff, this allowing for incredible views and an unrivaled calming atmosphere with the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks below.

The Adventures . . .

A Boat Excursion! El Cielo, a pristine Cozumel paradise (where you can see starfish!) El Cielo means “Heaven”, and it’s a perfect fit for this heavenly location, because it’s the most spectacular place in the Caribbean Sea. The water in Cielo is very shallow usually only waste deep, and is known as a sandbar. El Cielo is only accessible by boat and is about a half mile from the coast. There’s powdered white sand that massages your feet every step you take, so you’re able to walk around barefoot without any worries.

3 Reef Snorkeling Excursion! Sail the waters of beautiful Cozumel Island and snorkel in three different reefs along the second largest barrier reef system on the planet. This adventure around Cozumel is one of the best in all world, giving you the chance to visit three little pieces of paradise in just one outing! These phenomenal places have corals that reach from depths of 30 feet under the surface and are home to an incredibly diverse array of vibrant sea life forms, such as turtles, rays, angelfish, and many other rare and beautiful creatures. Explore underwater caves and be astounded by coral mountains! Don’t be surprised if you see hawksbill turtles, seahorses, gudgeons, pipefish and even harmless nurse sharks.

Renewal Temazcal Experience! This is a total body, mind and spirit renewal that takes place during a ceremony with a Mayan Shaman. These Shaman have incredible wisdom, knowledge and humor! They will share much with us about the tradition of the Mexican, Mayan Temazcal. The love and tenderness that radiates from them will permeate all of us attending this experience and none will be the same because of it. We will all be raised up to a higher, kinder level of vibration and frequency to go forward and share with others.

2 Days of 2 tank Dives! Cozumel has all the ingredients for a great dive getaway – towering coral formations, warm water, great underwater visibility and white sandy beaches. Most dive sites are found within the boundaries of Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park, which protects much of the second largest barrier reef system in the world, the Meso-American reef system. Created in 1996, the park is home to some 26 types of corals with more than 100 subspecies. More than 500 fish species live in the park, including the endemic splendid toadfish. Due to marine life protection programs, divers can also often see loggerhead, hawksbill and green turtles. You don’t need to be a certified diver to enjoy this exciting excursion!

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Slow down and be pampered
Are you a priority on your own to do list? Many women are not!

Cast aside a life of stress and individualism
Are you living a life of constant stress? Many women are unable to live a life of inclusion, compassion and self love in today’s busy world!

Rewire the relationship between you and your inner voice
You only have so much precious time in this life! Listen to yourself, love yourself and finally follow your dreams, make it count and do it now!

Re-prioritize life
Are you living in alignment with your true essence? Are you chasing your own dreams? Why not? If not now, then when?

Begin an important practice of yoga and meditation
Have you always wanted to try yoga or meditation? This is your chance to begin a practice of devoted self care and to begin to love yourself in a tangible way, everyday!

Explore a more relaxed lifestyle
Are you curious about ways to live a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle? Escape the daily routine and explore culturally-focused activities that will allow you to get to know your higher self more intimately.

Develop a deep and lasting bond with like minded women
These shared experiences and adventures will open up a channel of communication, making emotional barriers which may have been erected easier to breakdown. Conquering and exploring, together will allow the possibility for sincere and lasting friendships!

Discover your inner goddess and reconnect to your dreams
You may have become so disconnected from your true inner voice that you’re even sure how to begin to hear it once more. So connect to yourself again, remember those dreams and listen to the whispers of your higher self, let your sense of wonder live again!

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