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Today we look at Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA Transit Hotel options – if you have an upcoming KL layover, check out our recommendations below!

Need a KLIA Transit Hotel?

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (or KLIA) is a major international hub, which means a layover in KL is not unusual. Finding a KLIA transit hotel is a great idea to pass the time (and get a good nights sleep), but what are the options? Do you need to pay out big bucks to stay at a KLIA hotel (or KLIA2 hotel) or are there alternative opportunities?

A Kuala Lumpur Airport Hotel or a Hotel Near KLIA?

There are two distinct options when stopping in Kuala Lumpur. Sure you could go into the city, however, KLIA and KLIA 2 are a good 45-minute drive, and while taxis and Ubers are quite cheap in KL, at $15-$20 each way, dollars quickly start to add up!

Two other options are: finding a KLIA hotel (or a KLIA2 hotel depending on your terminal) or staying at a hotel near KLIA.

During our many, many layovers at KLIA we have tried a wide range of options. For shorter stays, or when we are just too exhausted to take one more step, a hotel at KLIA itself has been a wonderful, albeit more expensive choice. While on the majority of layovers we stop at a bunch of hotels we discovered, just 5-10 minutes drive from KLIA. Today we give you all the options to ensure finding a hotel near KLIA 1 or 2 isn’t a challenge!

Staying at a KLIA Airport Hotel

There are a couple of options when searching for a KLIA transit stay. Some are conveniently located within the KLIA terminals, allowing you to access the hotel without clearing customs. Others are within quick and easy walking distance from the terminals.


Sama Sama Express KLIA – Airside Transit Hotel

The Sama Sama Express, like the Sama Sama Express KLIA2, is an airside transit hotel, located within the KLIA terminals. This makes for a very easy transition from plane to hotel and back to the plane without any need to pass through customs or fill in time waiting for a flight wandering around the airport!

The rooms at the Sama Sama Express KLIA are lovely. The beds are very comfortable (especially if you been spending any time in Asia!) and the showers are fantastic.

Both the Sama Sama Express KLIA and the Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 are quality hotels, and super convenient. They are more costly than others, however, after a long flight or an early morning, it is just wonderful to fall into bed at a KLIA airport hotel for a few hours before heading to your departure gate. If you are looking for a hotel in KLIA airport, then both of these are great options!

  • Superior Room (Sleeps 2) – From $81 – 6 Hours
  • Superior Room (Sleeps 2) – From $163 – 12 Hours
For more information click here.

Sama Sama Hotel KLIA 1

The Sama Sama Hotel KLIA 1 is a 4.5-star hotel located near the KLIA terminal. It is more expensive than many of the others I’ve listed, and accordingly, has a much higher Trip Advisor rating. Sama Sama KLIA is located next to the long-term carpark so does require you to go through Customs and leave the airport.

The Sama Sama Hotel KLIA offers complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast and has an on-site restaurant if you wish to grab a meal. As one would expect from a 4.5-star hotel, the rooms are lovely, the entrance is grand, and it has all the extras that one would expect. If budget isn’t a priority for you, the Hotel Sama Sama KLIA is a lovely choice.


  • Deluxe Room (Sleeps 3) – From $139
  • Premier Room (Sleeps 3) – From $193
  • Superior Suite (Sleeps 4) – From $303
For more information click here.

Tune Hotel – KLIA

The Tune Hotel KLIA is a 2-star hotel outside of the KLIA terminal. It is a super cheap transit hotel option and is both clean and tidy and a great option for budget travelers.

Rooms are only double rooms, however, at the budget price, a family could easily get two rooms.

  • Double Room (Sleeps 2) – From $30
For more information click here.


Finding a hotel near KLIA2 airport, Kuala Lumpur’s super popular budget terminal is super easy. Some great options exist for a KLIA airport hotel, either within the terminal itself or again, just a few minutes down the road.

Sama Sama Express KLIA2 – Airside Transit Hotel

For passengers arriving into KLIA’s budget terminal, KLIA 2, the Sama Sama Express KLIA2 is a wonderful hotel in KLIA Terminal 2. It is a quick and easy option, and if you are happy to pay a little more, or have limited time (which makes leaving the airport not viable), Sama Sama Express is a fantastic option as a KLIA2 airport hotel.

This hotel in KLIA2 airport is located right next to the food court. It is easy to find and very convenient.

During our visit, the kids were content with playing their games while we slept (after a VERY early morning!), so the standard queen room was great.

  • Standard Room (Sleeps 2) – From $66 – 6 Hours
  • Standard Room (Sleeps 2) – From $133 – 12 Hours
  • Family Room (Sleeps 4) – From $89 – 6 Hours
For more information click here.

Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA 2

Another airside hotel, the Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA 2, is a lovely option for quick stops. Charge your batteries (and those of your electronics), have a shower and be nice and relaxed for your next flight – it sure beats filling in 5 hours at the airport!

This hotel offers short stay options of 6 hours, so even passengers with a quick layover can enjoy some comfort and relaxation while waiting for the next flight.

This hotel offers free WiFi, business services (document printing, etc.) and luggage lockers. Television is available in the public area.

  • Studio (Sleeps 2) – From $81
  • Travelers/Family (Sleeps 4) – From $129 – 6 Hours
  • Studio (Sleeps 2) – From $138
  • Travelers (Sleeps 4) – From $156
For more information click here.

Tune Hotel KLIA2

The Tune Hotel KLIA2 is just a quick walk from the KLIA 2 terminal – just 750 meters away. Or if you have loads of bags, simply jump in a taxi which will cost you around $1 (if that!)

The hotel offers free WiFi, 24 hour checkin and an in-house restaurant with breakfast available. Rooms are a little limited at the Tune Hotel KLIA2, however if you want something quick and easy it might be the right choice for you.

  • Double Room (Sleeps 2) – From $42
For more information click here.


If you are looking for a cheaper KLIA transit hotel, within a quick drive from the airport, we’ve discovered a range of hotels just 5-10 minutes down the road. In a small complex there is 7 hotels, which, given the small size of the area, is quite remarkable.


All of the hotels we list below are based in this small complex in Sepang, Malaysia, an offer a range of accommodation styles, from super budget to middle of the road – perfect for a short stop over, even if you’re not staying overnight!

All offer free WiFi, airport transfers and relatively comfortable beds. They are clean and comfortable and while not super flash, they are all great family accommodation for weary travellers during a stopover in KL

Word of advice though, request an extra pillow during check in. We’ve found all of the pillows to be really thin and nowhere near big enough for adult sleepers!

All prices are in USD

Bary Inn

The Bary Inn certainly isn’t flash, in fact, it is really basic, but it is comfortable, clean and it is cheap, so it is perfect for budget travellers.

All rooms have Wi-Fi and bathrooms, and the staff are lovely!

  • Deluxe (Sleeps 3) – From $22
  • Family (Sleeps 4) – From $43
For more information click here.

City View Hotel

Another super basic transit hotel, with mixed reviews on many booking sites. Nothing flash, but a comfortable bed at a super cheap price.

  • Standard Room – No view (Sleeps 2) – From $25
  • Deluxe Room (Sleeps 2) – From $31
  • Premium Room (Sleeps 2) – From $32
  • Family Room (Sleeps 3) – From $41
  • Family Room (Sleeps 4) – From $47
For more information click here.

Sky Star Hotel

KLIA Transit Hotels

Another popular one with our family (we’ve had a lot of layovers). The Sky Star Hotel Sepang has the combination of being cheap, but quite a nice little hotel. It has had renovations, which hides its age well and it serves the purpose at an affordable price. It is the type of place that you can comfortably go, even for a few hours, and relax for a while without it costing too much.

KLIA Transit Hotels

The staff are lovely, the internet is decent and all in all it is a great place to stay. It is definitely a hotel near KLIA2 airport worth considering!

  • Superior Queen Room – From $26
  • Premium Deluxe King – From $29
  • Premium Deluxe Twin – From $29
  • Premiere Family Room – From $40
For more information click here.

Sri Langit Hotel

KLIA Transit Hotels

The Sri Langit Hotel is an exciting concept in hotels and lots of fun for travelling families. Keeping in line with the fact it is a KLIA hotel nearby the terminals, the rooms in the Sri Langit Hotel are all decorated as the interior of an airplane. Curved walls and small airplane windows decorate the rooms, but it should be noted that not all are as plane-like as others.

KLIA Transit Hotels

Unfortunately, the large family room is a little more costly than some of the other hotels we’ve mentioned, and the theming isn’t nearly as fun, however another alternative would be to take two smaller rooms – two economy queen or twin rooms are cheaper than a family room, with the benefit of styling!

KLIA Transit Hotels

  • Day Use (Sleeps 2) – From $20 – 4 Hours
  • Day Use (Sleeps 2) – From $27 – 6 Hours
  • Economy Queen/Twin Room (Sleeps 2) – From $29
  • Economy King Room (Sleeps 2) – From $33
  • Premium Twin (Sleeps 2) – From $39
  • Premium King (Sleeps 2) – From $43
  • Premium Family (Sleeps 3) – From $48
  • Business Queen/Twin (Sleeps 2) – From $45
  • Business King (Sleeps 2) – From $51
  • First Class King (Sleeps 2) – From $56
  • First Class Family (Sleeps 4) – From $65
For more information click here.

Qlassic Hotel

KLIA Transit Hotels

The ClassiQ Hotel is another budget hotel near KLIA2 that is worth having a look at. Rated as 2 stars, this cheap hotel near KLIA is a lovely hotel, with recent renovations resulting in a beautiful entry and well appointed rooms.

KLIA Transit Hotels

  • Superior Queen (No Window) – From $27
  • Deluxe Queen – From $30
  • Deluxe Twin Room – From $30
  • Triple Suite – From $36
  • Premier Family – From $45
For more information click here.

Hotel youniQ

While the youniQ Hotel was really very impressive in looks and fit-out, we were very disappointed when we stayed. The hotel claims to have WiFi in rooms, however once checked in we discovered that it was very poor coverage. When questioned we were told that we should use the lobby – not exactly as they advertise!

KLIA Transit Hotels

Pillows were incredibly thin and when we requested extras we were told the hotel was full and that they didn’t have any more pillows! The service by staff was absolutely horrible and they had zero interest in ensuring we had even a semi-decent stay. Our stay was so poor that we ultimately left after one night (even though we were booked for 2), and walked up the road to the Sky City Hotel, which was much cheaper and much more comfortable.

KLIA Transit Hotels

We can’t recommend the youniQ Hotel at all, and in fact, we have only included it in this list to share our bad experience. It is probably one of the better-looking hotels in this complex, so it is a real shame that their service was so lacking. Maybe we caught them on a bad evening, followed by a bad morning, however you should consider yourself warned!

KLIA Transit Hotels

Interestingly, as we departed we noticed the web address on their transit bus – stupidhotel.com. We all agreed it was appropriately named, but to this day I cannot figure out why you would call you choose it as your domain!

  • Sleep Two M (Sleeps 2) – From $30
  • Sleep Two L (Sleeps 2) – From $32
  • Sleep Two XL (Sleeps 2) – From $38
  • Sleep Three Convertible (Sleeps 3) – From $46
  • Sleep Four Snuggle (Sleeps 4) – From $54
For more information click here.

Concorde Inn KLIA

The Concorde Hotel KLIA is around 7kms away from the terminals, making it a quick and easy taxi or Uber ride (if you haven’t yet tried Uber get a free ride HERE).

At the time of writing this guide however, the Concorde Inn KLIA was closed. Please click here to check for its reopening details.


With Kuala Lumpur International Airport serving as a major hub for travel within Asia and beyond, a layover at KLIA is not unusual. And while an two or three hours may be fine hanging out at the airport, beyond that a KLIA airport hotel is a wonderful option, especially when travelling with kids.

Beyond that, an early flight out of KLIA or KLIA 2 is far less stressful if staying nearby, and with the options we’ve listed, it doesn’t need to break the bank.

All of the hotels mentioned offer great value for travellers and can hopefully make your next trip just a little more comfortable.


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