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So here we are 5 days in and seriously, life… is… awesome! I can honestly say I haven’t been this relaxed or this happy for so long… I keep catching myself wondering when our holiday is going to end! I have to say a huge thank you to Trusted House Sitters – I’ve not long discovered their website, but I can see a lot of housesitting in our future!!!

Don’t know much about housesitting? Read on and I’ll fill you in!


We arrived into Perth on Wednesday – the weather has been absolutely gorgeous (although maybe a little too hot!) and we’ve been out exploring Perth in one way or another since we arrived. We’ve spent a gorgeous day in King’s Park, a beautiful afternoon strolling around the harbour at Fremantle, and many many hours relaxing on the beach.

Normally when booking a holiday, the whole experience is dictated by budget… our available funds are not unlimited and whilst we may love the idea of staying in 5 star resorts, financially it’s just not possible.

But, what if you could stay in gorgeous properties, all around the world, FOR FREE? Yes, you read it correctly – it is possible to travel the world with no accommodation costs! Introducing House Sitting!


What is housesitting?

When you take a holiday, what happens to your home? Do you lock it up, put a hold on your mail and hope for the best? Do you ask your friends and family to check on it? Do you pay for someone to stay – paying crazy housesitting rates? Are you relieved at the end of your holiday to walk back into the house and see everything as you left it?

What about your pets? Do you farm them out to friends and family, or spend half of your holiday budget on sending your pets on holiday too? Have you checked out dog sitting rates lately?

These are problems that home owners all over the world face when they want to get away. What is the alternative? And how can those of us that love to travel, benefit? This, is where housesitting comes in – it’s the perfect answer for home owners and for people like us wanting to travel on a budget. Connecting with home owners looking for housesitters is a brilliant opportunity to see the world!

Put simply, house sitting involves looking after someone’s home and possibly pets, whilst the home owner is away. That may be for a few days or a couple of months and it could be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Or your own backyard, if you prefer!


Why choose housesitting?

As a traveller, housesitting is a wonderful opportunity to see and do things that may otherwise be out of reach. Effectively you have no accommodation costs whilst sitting, so your available funds can be spent on experiences, instead of losing a big chunk of your budget to paying for a place to sleep!

Furthermore, the type of accommodation you might pick up could be far nicer than you might otherwise choose. For instance, for the amount we would want to spend, we’d usually get a hotel room, or maybe a one or two bedroom apartment if the price was right. Through housesitting, our latest stay is in a 5 bedroom, two storey house, minutes from the beach AND we get to use the owner’s car! FOR FREE!


Housesitting in styleWhy would you not choose housesitting?

How do you find housesitting opportunities?

Housesitting opportunities can present themeselves in many different ways – through friends, family, online forums or websites dedicated to helping owners and sitters connect. In our experience, the number 1 way to find housesitting opportunities is through Trusted House Sitters.


Who are Trusted House Sitters?

Trusted House Sitters is a website solely dedicated to connecting home owners with housesitters. They seem to be, by far, the largest resource for housesitting – whether you are a home owner, or a keen traveller.

We love Trusted House Sitters because of the sheer volume of housesitting jobs that come up. In fact, I get an email twice a day listing new opportunities – there really is that many!


Where can you go with Trusted House Sitters?

As they say, the world is your oyster! Trusted House Sitters have owners all over the globe. If you want to travel intentionally, the UK, NZ, US and Canada are all very popular. Or, if you’d prefer something closer to home – Australia also has a huge number of opportunities!


How to get started with Trusted House Sitters?

The easiest way to get started is to click on the image below (or HERE). Enrolling with Trusted House Sitters is really easy, and you don’t have to pay a membership to join BUT, as a Member you get a 24hour jump on non members which makes a HUGE difference in your success rate.

Besides, the membership fee is less than one nights accommodation in most hotels, so with a single housesit you’ll be well head, plus you can use it for a full 12 months!



And now, some tips to help you get started:

  • * Build an awesome profile – why should people choose YOU over everyone else? Make sure to include references, pics and a police check helps too!
  • * Subscribe to their twice daily newsletter so you are amongst the first be notified of new sits.
  • * Apply to as many housesitting gigs as possible.
  • * Think about planning your holiday around your housesitting job – choose your dates and destination based on any opportunities that come up.
  • * Write an application letter that will stop the home owner in their tracks – your application needs to stand out to be noticed.
  • * Be persistent – a lot of home owners receive 30 or more applications, so it may take a while to get a sit. But once you start building your references, your success rate will definitely improve!

Since joining Trusted House Sitters we’ve picked up 4 housesitting opportunities and we are now booked up until after Easter! That’s free accommodation, for months on end! We genuinely recommend Trusted House Sitters – I use them daily in our hunt for the right housesitting opportunities and have been really impressed since day 1.


Where would you like to find a house sit?

Which country would you want to travel to?

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