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Are you a blogger? Do you travel with kids and want to reach a bigger audience? Our website is created especially for Worldschoolers, by Worldschoolers, and we’re looking for Members to write guest posts.

Clearly, there is no way we can cover every destination in the world ourselves, and we want Worldschooling Central to be an incredible resource for Worldschoolers all over the world. We are always on the lookout for content that we haven’t already covered, or tips to help other traveling families.


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What’s in it for you?

Worldschooling Central is a community hub, created for Worldschoolers. We are creating a community and a resource that Worldschoolers can utilize when planning their next adventure.

Because of this, writing for Worldschooling Central is a great way to gain extra exposure for your blog.

All guest posts will include Author and Blog details, along with links to up to 4 social media accounts. Each post will include a dofollow link to your blog.


To ensure we both benefit from your guest post, we have put together some guidelines. We want to ensure that your post is perfectly suited to our audience which will, in turn, ensure you get the most possible views!

Please read the following guidelines and make sure you are happy to work with them before contacting us to pitch your idea.


Worldschooling Central is a resource for Worldschooling Families, whether that is traveling full time or schooling in the world around you. Therefore, it is important that all guest posts are focused on kid friendly travel. We are looking for detailed, informative posts about destinations all over the world. Articles that demonstrate an educational benefit are particularly welcome.

Our preferred article format is “Top 10 Things to do in XYZ with Kids”.

We are obviously looking for your Top 10 recommendations for the destination you pitch us, however as this is a Worldschooling Resource, we would love it if you could include additional details like how to get around, the budget you might need (a reference to works well), great places to eat, family friendly accommodation, local festivals and even details about the weather and the best time to visit. The more useful, detailed information you can provide, the more likely our audience is to value your contribution and click through to your blog.

An example of this type of post can be found here and here.



Once your pitch is accepted, please provide us with the following:

  • An article that is at least 1000 words, although, given the detail you will be providing, 2000-3000 words are acceptable and welcomed.
  • Please include photographs that meet the following requirements:
    • At least four relevant photographs to include in the article (although 1 per attraction is preferred)
    • A caption explaining each photograph
    • High-quality images (landscape orientation preferred).
    • Minimum 500px on their largest edge
    • Free of watermark
    • Images that you have legal permission to use.
    • Emailed separately (inclusion in a word document is not enough)
  • Images should be referenced in the article as to where you prefer them to be inserted.
  • Please include a portrait orientation image that would make a good pin on Pinterest. This image should be minimum 1000px on the longest edge.
  • A short bio to be included with Author details.
  • Up to 4 social media links
  • Link to your blog home page.


Additional Information

  • All content must be original and written by you. We welcome articles that you have already written, providing they are edited slightly to ensure it is unique to our site.
  • Good grammar and spelling are essential. We will not publish posts that require extensive editing.
  • Use Heading 2 and Heading three formatting for subheadings.
  • You can write about sponsored experiences and accommodation however you must include a disclaimer at the end.
  • You are free to link to relevant content on your site – up to 2 links can be used. If you want to include additional links, please discuss this with us before doing so.
  • You can link to other relevant sites except for commercial sites and your own affiliate links.
  • We reserve the right to add our own affiliate and internal links to the content.
  • We reserve the right to edit the wording of some of your text, title, and subheadings to assist with SEO and Google rankings. Doing this will help your article rank higher in Google Searches and result in more visitors reading your post.
  • We will promote your article on our social media platforms. You agree to do the same.
  • You should subscribe to the comments at the bottom of the article once published and reply to any comments.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please feel free to email us at


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