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Worldschooling Central is a new community created for Worldschooling Families. We aim to support this incredible community in a number of different ways. Firstly, we help make your travel planning easier by inviting members of our community to share their experiences via a directory of Places to Eat, Places to Stay and Places to Visit. We also work to help support our Worldschooling Families who are blogging. We have a category dedicated to Worldschooling Family Blogs and you are welcome to add your listing to this list for free. Our Worldschooling Family Blogs can be found here.

If you are a Worldschooling Family then no doubt you are constantly on the look out for fantastic places to visit. Worldschooling Central aims to make that so much easier by offering recommendations to you from other Worldschooling Families who have visited your preferred destination before you. From family friendly accommodation to cultural activities and classes, the Worldschooling Community has a wealth of information available and Worldschooling Central creates a place for this information to be shared between families.

By utilizing Worldschooling Central, Worldschooling Families can discover activities, accommodation, restaurants and much more based on recommendations from others that have gone before them. It allows the community to discover exciting opportunities and hidden gems that they may otherwise miss.

Worldschooling Central is also a place to learn about Worldschooling through our Blog. Not only do we write our own posts to help your family, but we feature other Worldschooling Family Bloggers. This world is a big place, and we cannot possibly write about every destination, so by featuring our Member’s posts, we are able to bring you a wealth of information. Please support our Member’s by visiting their blogs.

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To access your account or dashboard, please visit the MY ACCOUNT page.

To add a new listing you should visit the ADD LISTING page and follow the step by step procedure to add your listing. We will shortly add a video to demonstrate this process.

To edit a listing that you have created, please follow these steps:

  • Visit your MY LISTINGS page.
  • Select the listing you wish to edit.
  • At the top of the page you will see a panel as per the image below. Click on the EDIT THIS LISTING button.

To delete a listing that you have created, please follow these steps:

  • Visit your MY LISTINGS page.
  • Select the listing you wish to delete
  • At the top of the page you will see a panel as per the image below. Click on the DELETE button.

  • Confirm that you wish to delete the listing.

To set your current location:

  • Click on the CHANGE LOCATION button at the top left of any page on the website, as per the image below.

  • A new window will open. Type your address in the box shown in the image below, and click on GO

  • When the next box appears, confirm the details are correct and click on the button as shown below.

Worldschooling Central is a community resource, made for Worldschooling Families, by Worldschooling Families. We support our Members Blogs by offering the opportunity to write a Guest Post, complete with links to your blog and your social media accounts. If you would like to write a Guest Post, please visit our WRITE FOR US page.

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We have multiple listing packages available, depending on your reason for listing.

These include FREE listings which are useful as Member Reviews, and we offer PAID listings which are perfect for business owners who would like to gain additional exposure for their business.

Full details of our advertising packages can be found on our ADVERTISE page.

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