Choosing Family Friendly Accommodation

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When you are travelling as a family, finding family friendly accommodation can be one of the hardest parts of the planning process. I know that I personally spend hours trying to find the best options, which of course have to be budget friendly.

There are a few tips and tricks and favourite sites that I tend to use, so to help you in your planning, and to help take some of the hassle out of your planning process, here are our top tips to finding family friendly accommodation.

Which is the Best Style of Family Friendly Accommodation?

How does your family like to travel. Do you like to be in the heart of the action? Prefer a little bit more space, or do you like to live as a local? There are so many options available to you as you travel, but every family has their preferences.

Option 1 – Hotels & Resorts

Finding hotel and resort accommodation can be relatively easy. If you love being in the heart of the action, in a city centre, the a Hotel is often a great way to go. Sites such as, Expedia and are my favourites, especially which gives you a free night after every 10th night booked!

Family Friendly Accommodation - Free Accommodation

Who would say no to a free night of accommodation?

Option 2 – Holiday Rentals

One of our favourite types of family friendly accommodation is holiday rentals. Be it AirBnB (save $USD35 off your first night), Flip Key or HomeAway, using a holiday rental provides the space a family needs.

Given that you are often renting a full home, for the same cost as a hotel room, you do not have the worry of cramming everyone into a tiny hotel room – and lets face it, we all like our space at times!

Family Friendly Accommodation in Shanghai

Brody relaxing in his loft bed in our Shanghai AirBnB

Option 3 – Hostels

We recently stayed in our very first hostel. While we may have initially feared that Hostels weren’t really the right scene for a family with young children, after considerable research we decided to give it a go.  Our verdict – we really enjoyed it. Personally, we wouldn’t choose shared bathroom facilities again, however there are plenty of options for hostels with private bathrooms.

Our preferred site for finding hostels is Hostel World

Family Friendly Accommodation in Bangkok

One of our first hostel experiences – we loved it!

Option 4 – House Sitting

It’s no secret that we love house sitting (find out more about housesitting here). House sitting has saved us a small fortune during our travels (an estimated $USD20,000 in our first year alone!) and is a lovely way of living like a local!

As a family we love the space that a house sit will often afford us. Use of a full kitchen is far less likely in a Hotel or Resort, and when trying to keep costs down, having the ability to cook at home can make all the difference. Granted, if you are on a short holiday, the idea of cooking might make you ill, however it is a huge benefit if it is something you will use.

Most house sitting opportunities that we have encountered have been in true local areas, so instead of being in the big touristy parts of town, you may find yourself surrounded by locals, going about their regular daily lives. If you are anything like us, that is a big part of what we enjoy about travel, so housesitting is a real win-win for our family.

Our most used housesitting sites are Trusted Housesitters, House Sit Match, and House Carers.



Whichever option you choose, the availability of family friendly accommodation is growing every day, making travel easier, and more budget friendly!

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