Earning Money While Worldschooling is Damn Hard Work

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Are you are Worldschooling Family that is trying to earn money while traveling? I don’t know about you but I find it damn hard to do. Today we’ll have a look at why location independent living is harder than you might think!

To any new family considering Worldschooling, the dream of traveling the world and working wherever you are sounds absolutely incredible. Imagine letting the kids play in the pool while you catch up on emails, or sipping cocktails on the beach while updating your blog. Isn’t that the dream?

But, 16 months into our travels and we’ve discovered that working AND traveling is… well… just damn hard!

Now I’m not one to shy away from hard work. I’ve run numerous successful businesses over the years and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. To be successful as an entrepreneur it goes without question that you need to work hard. You need to be highly motivated (continued travel is THE BEST motivator!), extremely determined and very self-disciplined. BUT, trying to find the right work-life balance has been near impossible for me and I can only imagine how difficult it is for someone accustomed to the routine of working for someone else.

But why is it so hard? Let’s dig a little deeper!


You are with your family 24/7

In the “real world”, that being the world many people work in before beginning travel, kids go to school, partners go to work, and you have dedicated time to get the job done. Whether you are working for yourself or going into work, you have a specific amount of time each day to get your work done. Sure you have distractions while there, but for the most part, you have quality time to focus on work.

Compare that to life when traveling. You are with your kids and partner 24/7. You try to get work done once they go to bed, but by then you may well be tired yourself. Trying to work with the family around is guaranteed to cause distractions and your “work” time becomes less and less as you deal with your families needs.

Of course, there are ways around this – locking yourself in a different room or taking time out to find a co-working space, but neither is ideal. And if you work with your partner, who looks after the kids?


You want to explore

You left your home to travel and explore the world. And when you get there, the last thing you’ll want to do is be stuck in your hotel or Airbnb working all day. Would you really be ok watching your family walk out the door to explore without you?

So you compromise and go out just a little? You tell yourself you’ll just go out for a few hours. But then a few hours turns into a day, the day turns into 2… and suddenly you realize you are days behind on the work you needed to get done!


It’s easy to get distracted

How often do you go online to do one quick thing, only to find yourself still there an hour later, having not completed the first item you set out to do? Getting distracted online is not only easy, it is almost inevitable thanks to huge corporations whose sole purpose is to attract your attention, taking you away from the job at hand.

We all know how addictive social media can be! Trying to work with such distractions is near impossible, even for the most self-disciplined of us. With instant notifications, email and regular bells and whistles calling for your attention, staying focused becomes near impossible, and your work suffers as a result.


Internet Issues

If there is one guarantee when traveling, it’s that you will find accommodation that has horrible internet. Any seasoned traveler will tell you stories of poor internet, and how hard it is to communicate when you can’t get online.

When it comes to working online, a good connection is imperative, and while Airbnb hosts and hotel operators the world over, will swear black and blue that their wifi is fantastic, there are no guarantees! And of course finding yourself in a place with terrible wifi can wreak havoc on one’s working life and make it near impossible to get the job done.


Working Conditions Aren’t Ideal

Does your Airbnb come with a nice desk? Do you have fast wifi? Do you have the space you need to get your work done? In a location dependent position you are able to set yourself up in a certain manner that is ideal the job at hand. When traveling, your working life may consist of your laptop and a mouse!

You may be surrounded by your family. You might be staying in accommodation that is too hot or too cold. Your internet might be crap. Your power might go out. The weather might be so beautiful that you just can’t stay inside. The list goes on and on.


You Want to Travel and See the World!

Didn’t you decide to travel so you could see the world? It’s one thing to be location independent with a job that pays well, or with a business that generates ongoing income, but if you are trading dollars for hours and have to work 10 hour days, how is life going to be any better?


You May Not Have What it Takes!

I don’t want to be horrible, but I will be a realist. Working for yourself, or working remotely takes a whole range of skills that you just may not have. Are you self-motivated, highly-focussed, strong-willed, driven and determined? Can you stop yourself getting distracted? Can you stay on task and get the job done no matter what else is happening around you?

Not everyone is wired to work for themselves and that is perfectly ok, but as someone who wants to travel the world, it is something that will need to be taken into consideration.


So what is the answer?

Let’s face it, staying focused is hard at the best of times but when you start traveling, you open yourself up to a world of extra distractions and interruptions.

But what other options are there? If you are not the lucky recipient of a wealthy Uncle’s inheritance, how can you fund your travels and avoid the issues discussed above.

The answer is Passive Income!

What On Earth is Passive Income?

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, passive income is one of two options when it comes to earning money. The other is Active Income.

Active income is where you get paid for work you do, that is, you trade hours for income. You get paid for the hours you work once completed. You get paid once and that’s the end of it – until you work more hours.

Passive income, on the other hand, is ongoing income you receive regardless of the hours you put in. For example, you create an item of value. You make it available for sale and the item begins to generate income. You don’t need to recreate the item over and over, but it will continue to earn income. The simplest example of passive income is someone like the author Stephen King; he spent a few months writing The Shining almost 40 years ago but he’s still being paid for every copy that gets sold. He created something of value that people still want today and as a result, he earns income, no matter where he is or what he is doing.

How Can You Create Passive Income

If you Google this phrase, as of today, you will get 2.2 MILLION results. There are many ways to create passive income (click here to read our list of passive income sources) but our absolute favorite is Niche Sites! They are the perfect way to earn income while Worldschooling.

If you haven’t yet heard about niche sites, you certainly aren’t alone! For many, it is a completely new concept!

Put simply, a niche site is an information site that answers a customer’s Google search. They visit your site, get value from your content and then click through your links to make a purchase. And you get a commission! Cha-Ching!

What I truly love about niche sites is that they are genuine passive income generators, and with just a little effort, anyone can create one. They certainly aren’t a get rich quick scheme, as they do take time to develop and grow, however with an average site earning between $500-$2000USD, with only a few sites, you can earn a very good income!

We stumbled across the concept almost 2 years ago (learn more about them by reading our post on how to generate income with niche sites!) After hours upon hours of research and much trial and error, we have managed to create a number of sites that are doing extremely well. No matter where I am or what I am doing, my sites are earning. I check in every few days, analyze the data, make minor changes if necessary and then let them do their job! Once created the sites require very little maintenance, but keep on earning regardless!

And now you can make one too. We’ve recently put together an incredible course that takes you step by step through the process of building your very first niche site. Whether you are a blogger who already works with WordPress or an absolute newbie with no idea what a domain name or hosting is, our Niche Site Bootcamp will teach you the skills to start earning passive income for yourself. To find out more, click the button below.




Whatever method you choose to fund your travels, it is important that you be aware of the issues that may arise while on the road. Earning a good income to fund your travels is certainly achievable, but knowledge is power. Unfortunately, I’ve seen very little discussion of how hard it can be to earn while worldschooling and these are issues that we all face. Consider these issues now and put a plan in place. Being prepared before you head off may just save you a whole lot of heartache!

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