What Is The Best Home Exchange Site?

What is the best home exchange web site? Well, if you are a homeowner wanting to offer your home to other worldschooling families, Home Exchange is an incredible way to get started! Plus, when you sign up, you pay nothing until you are ready for your first exchange and you’ll get enought “Guest Points” to have up to 28 nights of accommodation anywhere in the world! (Keep reading!)

What is Home Exchange?

HomeExchange is a social network where members exchanges their houses and apartments to go on vacation. With over 400,000 homes in 187 countries, and offerering recipricol, non-recipricol and “Guest Point” exchanges, there truly is something for everyone!

How much does it cost?

Joining Home Exchange is just $150, the equivalent of 1-2 nights of accommodation! When you join Home Exchange (even for free) you’ll get bonus Guest Points, just for getting started. And no payment is needed until you decide to do your first exchange!
  • Create an account (no payment needed) – 450 points
  • Register with the link below & send one messgage – 100 points
  • List your home – 350 points
  • Complete your profile – 350 points
  • Become a verified member – 100 points
A total of 1350 points – with homes starting from just 50 points per night, that’s up to 5 weeks of accommodation!

What are the benefits of using Home Exchange?

There are so many benefits for home owners that love to travel, and is perfect for Worldschooling Families!
▪️ Forget the steep costs and stressful budgets, forget the impersonal hotel rooms: with HomeExchange you will be living like a local in unique homes.
▪️ Go on reciprocal or non reciprocal exchanges thanks to the “GuestPoints” system. You do not have to simply swap houses. If someone from Las Vegas wants to stay in your home in Los Angeles, but you want to visit Rome, you can!!
▪️ Benefit from the world’s largest home exchange network with the most destinations. HomeExchange grants you access to over 400,000 homes across the world in over 187 countries.
▪️ Try for free! By getting started with the link below you’ll get 1350 points for FREE! No payment necessary. Explore their site and the exciting world of home exchange without payment. Only when you’re ready to do your first exchange will you pay for your membership.
▪️ Security – travel in peace. As the world leader in home exchange, Home Exchange offers a dedicated team that is equipped to accompany and assist you before, during, and after your exchange. Accept exchanges only from proven members, and never get caught out leaving your home in the hands of someone unknown. Home Exchange also offers a deposit system to cover the cost of anything that might go wrong.

How do you get started?

Click on the link and start exploring the world of Home Exchange! www.worldschoolingcentral.com/home-exchange